[GE users] How to override the tmp dir setting?

llikethat bharanitn at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 06:19:11 BST 2010

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I'm using SGE6.2U5, trying to run 3dsmax render jobs on windows compute nodes.
I'm facing an issue when submitting the job.
3dsmax does not start - this is due to a temp file that gets created when the application gets launched.
Normally the file is created in the windows tmp folder, but when the job is submitted through qsub, another folder is created in the tmp folder with the jobnumber and task number.

like 34.1.winxp.q in the tmp directory. Thus, preventing the application to identify the location of the temp folder.

Is there an option to override the default setting and make SGE use the parent folder tmp, instead of the dynamic folder jobid.taskid.queuename.q

I hope, i was not confusing :)

Thanks in advance,


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