[GE users] question about qconf -mu user_list

jnorris jnorris at ucmerced.edu
Wed May 19 15:45:38 BST 2010


Here is what I have:

I have user list composed of a series of users and I have created a 
project to contain that user list.  My question is on the format of the 
entries of the user list.  Are these comma delimited or space delimited 
entries - should it be:

name    kueppersl_list
type    ACL
fshare  0
oticket 0
entries kueppersl ylu zsubin msnyder wjriley jjim


name    kueppersl_list
type    ACL
fshare  0
oticket 0
entries kueppersl, ylu, zsubin, msnyder, wjriley, jjim

The reason for this question is that when I do a:

qacct -o  I get one of the users and their report correctly.  However 
when I do a qacct -P project_name which contains the project list 
above.  I get no entry for the users in the project.

All of my single user entries in projects register just fine - the 
multiple entry user lists appear to be the issue.


Joseph Norris
Application Developer & Server Administrator
jnorris at ucmerced.edu


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