[GE users] Lockfiles and not doing the process on the same file.

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Hi reuti,

Thanks for giving the input on it. I had already solve the problem of locking the file so the other machines in the cluster won't try to encode the same file by using MUTEX feature in bash.

However, i am curious on your suggestion on copying the data over to the local machine, though it sounds like an interesting idea since you mentioned the $TMPDIR in sge. Is there a document on this where i can look into it?

Another thing is having two scripts to run the task, what do you mean by that?

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On 18-May-2010, at 2:26 AM, reuti wrote:


Am 17.05.2010 um 16:13 schrieb mnuzaihan:

Thanks for the reply, now i had realised on the race condition issue
when implementing a lock file.

The script i modified creates a lockfile on the NFS, shared by the

I've did something like (if output file [resulting encoded file]
exists or lockfile exists), it skips the file and then do a loop to
do other files.

So the setting that i did involves putting the directory path of
where it searches for the raw files to encode and then executes the

In fact, the original script was intended to be done on a single
local machine but i added the lockfile stuff in the "if ( ! -e
encoded_file || ! -e lockfile ) then encodes, else skip. But
executing like you had mentioned, causes a race condition of
machines in the cluster to check on the lock file which my idea
doesn't work well.

then I would suggest make two scripts out of the one you have:

The first part is a loop checking for new files (which is an endless
loop I assume). When it finds a new file, it won't convert it, but
submit a job which will do the actual conversion (this second script
is a sub-part of the original one).

As movies are large files (which will put some heavy load on the NFS
server), maybe you can improve performance when you first copy the
file to a local node (into the $TMPDIR which is maintained by SGE),
and then the result back.

-- Reuti

I'm sure i had about some movie houses had used gridengine but on
how they did it, i'm not really sure. But if someone on this list
had done it and it would be nice to share their experiences on this

But i know this might not be limited to just encoding files though.

Muhammad Nuzaihan

On 17-May-2010, at 5:36 PM, reuti wrote:


Am 15.05.2010 um 21:13 schrieb mnuzaihan:

I am having a problem. We do encoding of large and many videos
over the gridengine cluster. However, the problem is no matter how
much i tried to create a lockfile in the script so the other
machines would know there's a lockfile (if the encoding is started
on one machine) and try to encode the next file. It doesn't seem
to work.

how do you create the lockfile - and where?

But: there is nothing inside SGE which would prevent a race-
condition, where two nodes would start with the same with the same
movie. The lockfile-creation will never be atomic when you do it
inside the script.

Can't you just give the filename to the script, and each submitted
job will handle exactly this movie? So there wouldn't be a need for
a lockfile.

-- Reuti

Is there someone who had done this before? Any workarounds to this

Thanks in advance!

Muhammad Nuzaihan


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