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Am 31.05.2010 um 13:59 schrieb esfreire:

> I would like to know if there is a way in GE to can submit jobs according to the CPU factor. I mean,supposing that we have calculated the CPU factor for each node in order to normalized the CPU and we want to a submitted job enter in any node, but depending on the CPU factor, the job can get more execution time or less, because the machine will be slower of faster, in order to the job is not killed.
> I don't know if someone have worked with CPU factor and GE, in any case, I would appreciate any help.

as you don't know beforehand, to which node the job will be scheduled to, it can't be done at job submisson time. If you would limit it to something like a hostgroup during job submission, then a JSV (job submission verifier) could attach an adjusted h_rt to the job.

Another (more convoluted) option: sepcify the normalized run time as a context value to the job, and a secondary daemon (or a cron job) could check the running jobs and compare the (adjusted) runtime specification in the job context with the real runtime on the chosen exechost, with the option to kill the jobs when it passes a certain limit.

-- Reuti

> Thanks in advance,
> Esteban
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