[GE dev] Core binding suggestion...

jewellc chris.jewell at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Nov 1 17:10:14 GMT 2010


Thanks for the info, Daniel.  Sorry for taking so long to get back the list.  I've been away, and then had a bunch of stuff to catch up on!

So, continuing my quest to get GE to spawn two MPI processes on the same node, bound to different CPUs, I experimented by writing an interminable loop MPI job.  I submitted it to an execution node with the following:

> qsub -pe mpi 4 -q batch.q at exec2 unterm.com

with unterm.com:

# request Bourne shell as shell for job
#$ -S /bin/bash
cd $HOME/mpi
mpirun unterm

The result was all 4 processes running on the same core of the exec2 host (showing 25% processor activity per process, as you'd expect).  Attached is the spooldir/exec2/active_jobs/config file.  It looks very much as if 4 "qrsh --inherit" sessions are not being spawned. Is this a bug?  Should OGE be behaving in this way?  Might it be a bug in OpenMPI, and if so can anyone suggest a way to test this?




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