[GE users] new community source repository

fx d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Nov 5 23:50:12 GMT 2010

After much delay, I've got up a new project site for community
contributions, which I hope will be useful.  See

In contrast to gridscheduler, it has history from the
gridengine.sunsource.net repositories and the documentation, and a
distributed revision control system.  It is intended for any (useful,
apparently correct!) contributions, without particular claims to
stability in the development repo -- as opposed to eventual releases.
It currently has changes of mine and others collected from the sunsource
tracker and other sources.

As well as the gridengine repo, arco, hedeby, the GUI and the testsuite
are included, though they have no changes so far since the last
sunsource checkins.  There's also an issue tracker with the open tickets
from sunsource imported.

Please contribute any patches you have, or work up new ones, and make
bug reports and suggestions.  Some of the contributions that have been
languishing in the gridengine issue tracker are difficult to deal with
as they were for old versions and not all done as patches; updates of
those would be useful.

I haven't yet been able to sort out mail lists, or mirroring to other
DVCS for people who can't use darcs, but the mail list and bug
submission should be accessible sometime next week.  Please either mail
me directly in the meantime or use the issue tracker via the web
interface.  However, I'll have little or no net access now until
Tuesday to respond.

Dave Love
Advanced Research Computing, Computing Services, University of Liverpool
AKA fx at gnu.org


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