[GE users] new community source repository

fx d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Nov 10 18:00:47 GMT 2010

bdbaddog <bill at baddogconsulting.com> writes:

> DARC's ?
> Why not git, hg, or bzr ?

As I understand it, git isn't good on MS Windows (which is of interest
for desktop scavenging), and it's not clear to me how well those work
under Trac.  I have the darcs repos already, and know it will work,
particularly for completely disconnected operation and under Trac (which
I know will deal with the mutli-repo setup and can have a usable
bug-tracking system).  It also happens to be recommended by the author
of Tailor for repo gatewaying.  I confess to not understanding how you
work with bzr, in particular, and darcs is simple enough for we

> I'm unlikely to learn yet another 4th tier DVCS.

I don't know what a 4th tier DVCS is.  As someone who has to use about
half-a-dozen, I'm not convinced arguments about revision control systems
are very useful, especially if you abstract them through an IDE like

> Please consider using something more mainstream.

Did you read what I wrote about mirroring?  That's partly to forestall
religious arguments about any single system, and to avoid barriers to
contribution.  The important thing is to have the basis of a distributed
system with which you can usefully do disconnected development, testing,
patch pushing, and bug reporting.

Anyhow, in the meantime, please send normal patches from whatever you're
currently using to keep track of your changes, and/or provide help with
inter-system mirroring.  The source is available on the web site with
instructions if you don't have darcs.  If you want to provide
alternative hosting which is going to work better for the community,
please do.

Dave Love
Advanced Research Computing, Computing Services, University of Liverpool
AKA fx at gnu.org


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