[GE users] configuring user/machine scheduling priority

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sun Nov 14 19:25:24 GMT 2010


Am 11.11.2010 um 23:20 schrieb jbazik:

> I'm configuring a grid with fair share access for (almost) everyone.
> Some of my users have "loaned" machines to the grid, and I'd like to
> afford them scheduling priority (without preemption) on their machines,
> while still giving them an even chance at the rest of the grid.


a) attach an unique BOOL resource to all machines (well, one per user this way) and request them by a ~/.sge_request as a soft request. So these machines should be preferred. This BOOL complex could also get a high urgency to push the jobs up in the waiting list, in case the resource is granted (i.e. on his own machine).

I'm not sure, whether you can achieve the same with:

b) sort by seq_no will work, and configuring the sequence numbers in such a way, that the queues dedicated to the owner are accessed first (see below). By this I mean *all* owner queues should be checked before the common queues on all the machines.

In any case I see the problem, that SGE has only one order of pending jobs, but you would like to have one for each machine: first each owner's jobs, then other jobs.

> On those machines, I'd also like to limit non-owners to 1 hour but let
> owners have unlimited time.  I'd also like to limit the total number
> of slots occupied on each machine to its number of cores.

You will need two queues per machine, each with different settings for h_rt and access lists. The owner of the machine should be in "user_lists" of the owner queue (no time limit), and in "xuser_lists" in the limited queue (one hour limit). So his own jobs will always go to the unlimited queue, and he can't end up in the limited queue.

-- Reuti

> I'm hoping to configure this without requiring owners to explicitly
> request a resource, project or queue when they submit jobs.  Can
> anyone offer me some guidance on how to approach this?
> John
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