[GE users] new community source repository

fx d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Nov 15 14:09:40 GMT 2010

reuti <reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de> writes:

> Do we have now two forks of SGE?

I prefer to think in terms of continuing the project, rather than
forking, as there isn't any visible source from Oracle to fork against.
I'm specifically trying to preserve stuff from sunsource, particularly
history and documentation, hence `Son of Grid Engine'.  Anyway, I've
included all three patches from OGS, or equivalents, and expect to merge
others from there, as I assume they will be useful.  The two bug reports
also aren't an issue.

> I would like to pariticipate, but I don't like to do any patch twice
> in two different forks.

As above, you wouldn't have to, but there's only one place open to your
doc contributions currently.  Actually you've already contributed
though some of those may have been fixed by other changes before I
found your IZ items.  (I checked everything in IZ with an attachment or
marked as `documentation', and if any aren't included yet there's
probably a good reason, if only that it's not easy to apply it to the
current source.)

I particularly wanted to collect the existing contributions from you and
others, and make it as easy as possible to contribute, with an
expectation that contributions wouldn't just sit in a tracker for ever.
If you can send patches I'll aim to include them quickly, though
patches from others may get a closer inspection :-/.  I'm keen on
suggestions and offers of help as well as patches.

[I did, of course, send mail asking about OGS and offering work before
doing anything else, but I didn't get an answer.]

Dave Love
Advanced Research Computing, Computing Services, University of Liverpool
AKA fx at gnu.org


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