[GE users] consumable license complexes and preemption

jtseng_sf jtseng at sandforce.com
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Hmm.  I think you are onto something Reuti.

It might be possible to create a preemption reservation loop within the scheduler similar to a "forced" advance reservation.
The loop would need to calculate which job needed to be suspended in order to free consumable resources for the "preemption reservation"

My patch currently as written, would add a "YES_IGNORE_SUSPEND" and "JOB_IGNORE_SUSPEND" options to the consumable complex (in addition to the "NO" "YES" and "JOB").
This allows forward and somelimited backwards compatibility with the spooldb.
The consumable calculations then look to see if the job is YES_IGNORE_SUSPEND and determines if the consumable calculation moves forward.

By filtering for the "YES_IGNORE_SUSPEND" consumable type, we can quickly figure out if suspending any one job (in a subordinate queue) would allow another job (in the master queue) to move forward.

Anyone have any insight into how the advance reservation works?

I'll look over the code and see.


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Am 16.11.2010 um 16:55 schrieb jtseng_sf:

> More refinement:
> A variation of the workaround would be to submit a dummy job that does
> not directly go into a master/subordinate queue.

This would be like the `qforce` I suggested some time ago: free whatever resource is necessary to run this job *now*.

In your implementation, maybe a forced advance reservation would do. The resource reservation suspends the running job(s), but doesn't consume anything on its own besides reserving the resources. Then you can submit the job into this AR. To ease the things: I filled aleady some time ago an RFE to have a one-shot-AR.

Of course: for now you have the same problem like with a normal job, as the AR wouldn't be scheduled because of missing resources, but I find an AR nicer than a dummy job.

-- Reuti


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