[GE users] "Nodes" as a consumable resource

jagladden gladden at chem.washington.edu
Thu Nov 18 23:40:07 GMT 2010

We have a cluster composed entirely of eight core nodes.  We currently 
have a resource quota that looks like this:

    name max_slot_per_user
    description "resource quota for restricting execution slots"
    enabled TRUE
    limit users{@core_userset} to slots=48
    limit users{@noncore_userset} to slots=24

This rule restricts any given user in the "core_userset" userset to 
using a maximum of 48 processor slots and user in the "noncore_userset" 
to 24 processor slots.  However, there is some dissatisfaction with the 
way this works in practice.  Most of the jobs on the system are  eight 
processor shared memory parallel jobs that fit neatly on one node.  
Mixed in with these is a scattering of single processor jobs.  A single 
processor job running on any given nodes effectively makes it 
unavailable for use by a parallel job.

What we would like to do is create a resource quota that restricts the 
total number of nodes that a users jobs can be running on.  Thus instead 
of 48 slots, they would be restricted to running jobs on a maximum of 6 
nodes, irrespective of how many slots they actually use on each node.  
However, "nodes" does not appear to be one of the built in resource 
complexes to which I can assign a limit.

Is there a way to do this?  Can I somehow define a "nodes" complex that 
I can then use in a resource quota?

James Gladden


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