[GE users] configuring user/machine scheduling priority

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Mon Nov 22 13:14:20 GMT 2010

Am 19.11.2010 um 22:44 schrieb jbazik:

> Thanks again, reuti! 
> On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 12:21:39PM +0100, reuti wrote:
>> - if you have more many queues per exechost, you can put it in the exechost definition by setting a complex_values for slots or an RQS
> But the exechost slots definition is a fixed value - I can't set it to
> $num_proc - and $num_proc varies in my grid.  It doesn't look like I
> can set the exechost slots definition by hostgroup, can I?

In the queue definition you could, but this won't help here. I.e. you need a loop across similar machines:

$ for i in `seq -w 1 20`; do qconf -mattr exechost complex_values slots=8 node$i; done

Unfortunately there is no "cluster_host" like a "cluster_queue", as it would ease the things in large clusters:


> I have another question:  Some of my users submit many single-slot jobs.
> Others want exclusive access to all slots (cores) on each machine (via
> an smp pe).  I want to improve the chances that the smp requests get
> scheduled by reversing the normal round-robin, load-balanced scheduling
> behavior, and have queue instances fill up first - possibly leaving some
> machines idle at times.
> What's the best way to get that behavior?  Setting seq_no for 100s of
> queue instances seems hard to manage.

You could use again  a loop like before:

$ for i in `seq -w 1 20`; do qconf -mattr queue seq_no [node$i=$i] all.q; done

and for the other queue you would need to decrease, i.e. the cluster is filled from one side with serial jobs and SMP jobs from the other side. Just note, that the seq_no is only honored when a PE having the allocation_rule $pe_slots set. Other allocation rules will ignore them.

-- Reuti

> Would it work to tweak the load
> adjustment values?  I'm limiting slots to cores, so I'm not worried
> about overloading any machines.
> John
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