[GE users] SGE multiple job performance error.

fernandosilva fernando at phenogenomics.ca
Wed Nov 24 15:12:33 GMT 2010

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When my users submit jobs normally (slowly) all works fine.  When they run scripts to automate many job submissions at once they eventually start getting the below error.  This is a new qmaster server on an ESXi vm with a local ext4 filesystem.  I would appreciate any help please!

Unable to run job: error writing object "3215655" to spooling
database cannot close transaction: There is no open transaction
transaction function of rule "default rule" in context
"berkeleydb  spooling" failed job 3215655 was rejected cause it
couldn't be written. Exiting. ERROR: could not close qsub pipe
lsq6-img_26oct10.7: Continuing for now, but this pipe might have
gone bad.

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