[GE users] cannot find a host with the requested complex_values?

rdickson ross.dickson at dal.ca
Thu Nov 25 17:15:48 GMT 2010

We now have both Opteron and Xeon chips in one of our clusters, and the 
owner wants to be able to specify jobs which can only be run on the 
Xeons.  So I defined a custom complex:

$ qconf -sc | grep chip
chip                chip       RESTRING    ==    YES         NO         
NONE     0

...and then set it in the global exec host to the majority case:

$ qconf -se global | grep complex
complex_values        fluent-par=8,fluentall=20,chip=opteron

...and on the Xeon hosts, I set the individual exec host complex_values:

$ qconf -se cl317 | grep complex
complex_values        slots=8,h_vmem=24G,chip=xeon

But then qsub doesn't seem to be able to find the "chip=xeon" hosts:

$ qsub -l h_rt=0:1:0,chip=xeon -b y sleep 15
Unable to run job: error: no suitable queues.

I can submit to one of the Xeon hosts explicitly, and I can request an 
Opteron no problem:

$ qsub  -l h_rt=0:1:0,h=cl317 -b y sleep 15
Your job 2158687 ("sleep") has been submitted
$ qsub  -l h_rt=0:1:0,chip=opteron -b y sleep 15
Your job 2158689 ("sleep") has been submitted

...and the system does seem to recognize what the complex value is on 
the host, because it won't let me request 'opteron' and run on a host 
that's got 'chip=xeon' set:

$ qsub  -l h_rt=0:1:0,chip=opteron,h=cl317 -b y sleep 15
Unable to run job: error: no suitable queues.

Is this a defect, or am I missing something?  I searched 
http://gridengine.sunsource.net/issues/query.cgi, but couldn't identify 
a matching issue.  We're running GE 6.1u6.

I'd appreciate any light you can shed on the matter.  Thanks.

Ross Dickson         Computational Research Consultant
+1 902 494 6710      Skype: ross.m.dickson
ACEnet -  Compute Canada


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