[GE users] cannot find a host with the requested complex_values?

rdickson ross.dickson at dal.ca
Tue Nov 30 18:50:59 GMT 2010

Hi folks.

For anyone else who gets into such a situation:  The 'global' setting 
for such a custom complex appears not to be overridden by the 'exechost' 
setting as I assumed it would be.  'qsub -w v' helped here (and I feel 
foolish for not thinking of it sooner.) I solved the problem by removing 
the complex_value from the global exechost (qconf -me global) and 
setting it for each individual exechost:

for host in $hostlist; do
    qconf -mattr exechost complex_values chip=opteron $host

Ross Dickson

On 25/11/2010 1:15 PM, rdickson wrote:
> We now have both Opteron and Xeon chips in one of our clusters, and the
> owner wants to be able to specify jobs which can only be run on the
> Xeons.  So I defined a custom complex:
> $ qconf -sc | grep chip
> chip                chip       RESTRING    ==    YES         NO
> NONE     0
> ...and then set it in the global exec host to the majority case:
> $ qconf -se global | grep complex
> complex_values        fluent-par=8,fluentall=20,chip=opteron
> ...and on the Xeon hosts, I set the individual exec host complex_values:
> $ qconf -se cl317 | grep complex
> complex_values        slots=8,h_vmem=24G,chip=xeon
> But then qsub doesn't seem to be able to find the "chip=xeon" hosts:
> $ qsub -l h_rt=0:1:0,chip=xeon -b y sleep 15
> Unable to run job: error: no suitable queues.
> Exiting.


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