[GE users] question about submit an extended job

urhi vanessa.vines at ideg.es
Fri Oct 1 11:44:50 BST 2010

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I think I don?t explain correctly on my other mail :S

I didn?t ask, how to ?create? a job with one or x parameters. In my organization we have some processes, also created, and actually my people execute the process on they?re own machine. The idea is that they could execute these processes on a grid system, and my question was about how I can submit these jobs on my grid system, indicating the input parameter of my process. For example:

ACTUALLY: (WINDOWS) local machine of user X --> Open a windows console, and execute:  # example.exe input_parameters.op
                    --> example.exe: the name of the process
                    --> input_parameters.op: file with the input parameters of the job, and, also, the path of the result file

FUTURE: (WINDOWS) client of Grid Engine?..  qsub ?b y ?o /path/results.out /path/example.exe ?.???? How I can indicate the file input_parameters.op??

Thanks in advance,

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On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 6:07 AM, urhi <vanessa.vines at ideg.es<mailto:vanessa.vines at ideg.es>> wrote:

I didn't found on the Wiki, how can I submit one job with parameters?

Create a file named jobScript.sh:
#$ -S /bin/bash
example.exe $1

Then, do:
chmod +x jobScript.sh

Then, do:
qsub jobScript.sh big.data.txt

It sounds like you need to do some reading on shell scripting.  I think what you are asking is not an SGE-related question, but one of how to write shell scripts.  A job script is, in practice, just a shell script with a little added syntax.  If you cannot write a shell script that works outside of SGE, it will be impossible to write one that works with SGE.

Hope that helps,


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Am 30.09.2010 um 11:56 schrieb urhi:

> I am trying to submit an Extended Job, but I don't understand so much.
> First of all, this type of Job, I understand that it is a job with parameters? Or am I wrong? On the example of the wiki that the "Job Arguments" are inside the file "big.data"  ("how to submit an extended job from the command line"). This "big.data" what kind of file is? Inside of this we found the parameters of the job?  Or what?
> Anyway, How Can I submit an extended job, If my jobs are receiving information from, for example, a file. For example: "# example.exe parameters.txt" (example.exe it's the name of the job, and parameters.exe it's the name of the file with the information.

an "Extended Job" uses some options to the `qsub` command - but nothing special about it, it's still an ordinary job. Maybe the Wiki should name it: "Using additional options for your job submission".

The "big.data" in the example is just an argument to the jobscript, like you would issue it also on the command line and you can access it inside the jobscript with $1 as usual.

-- Reuti


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