[GE users] SGE now called OGE, no longer free

sgenedharvey sge at nedharvey.com
Sun Oct 3 22:03:22 BST 2010

> From: rayson [mailto:rayrayson at gmail.com]
> If oracle releases OGE source code, then we won't need the Open Grid
> Scheduler project.
> The whole point of creating Open Grid Scheduler is to develop &
> maintain a free implementation of Grid Engine.

Releasing the OGE source code does not necessarily mean they provide free binaries or installable media.

Take solaris for example.  Opensolaris is dead, replaced with Solaris 11 Express.  They say S11x will be released open-source (the first release is still a few months away), but if you download the installation media, it'll only be free for personal use.  Fortunately, there are projects such as Illumos out there, which can build the free distribution using the public source, and then you can use Illumos (or whatever) for free.  Naturally, the Illumos build will not be guaranteed 100% binary equivalent to the Oracle build, and it will be delayed some time after each Oracle release.  But I'm sure they'll do their best.  So illumos et al. will be unsupported and delayed, so it's not likely attractive to corporations etc.  But probably attractive to educational institutions, and maybe some corporations.  Kind of like Centos vs RHEL.

> >  Albeit,
> > somewhat delayed after the source code release.  That is, *if* oracle
> > decides to make OGE open source.
> Right. We waited for 9 months and Oracle did not put back any changes
> to the open source project on sunsource. So instead of waiting for a
> real answer, which might never happen, we decided to fork SGE 2 months
> ago so that we can address the 4GB memory accounting bug & the
> preemption bug in SGE 6.2u5.


But if Oracle does release OGE sources, you'd be happy to pull those changes into gridscheduler, right?

But there is one part of your comment that I think sounds confusing.  You seem to be suggesting that 6.2u6 came out 9 months ago, but I don't think that's right.  I think 6.2u6 is around 2 months old...  You're saying that for 7 months leading up to the 6.2u6 release, they weren't making their rapid-cycle public releases.

If they're doing the same as solaris, they won't do rapid-cycle public releases anymore.  They'll just release source code when they release builds.  But as you say ... If that's what they're doing ... then where's the source for 6.2u6.


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