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Mon Oct 4 05:28:52 BST 2010

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Hi all,

Not everyone needs the latest and most feature rich SGE version, as I
have seen over and over again, most companies do not use the latest
version of an application just because the vender releases one.

And it also goes back to what I said earlier, Oracle can do whatever
it wants as it is sitting on a pile of cash -- from buying all the
batch system companies including Platform, Cluster Resources... , to
stopping SGE development (in the end, the revenue from OGE and related
products is just rounding error in Oracle's annual report). If you
also have lots of $$ then we can start talking about outdoing Oracle.
However, as HPC is not Oracle's main focus, we will less likely see
Oracle improving the scheduling algorithms in OGE for HPC workloads,
for example. Instead Oracle will focus on cloud computing, in which
Oracle will not be lonely as there already are many established
vendors (Google, Amazon) and open source applications (OpenStack,
Eucalyptus, etc).

Let's not forget that SGE 6.2 u5 is a feature rich release, so are SGE
6.0 & 6.1. If you look at the list of new features added by each SGE
release, you will find that lots of big new features are in the non
SGE-core areas. The changes in SGE core were done by a handful of
developers. Open Grid Scheduler has 3 part-time developers, but there
are already a few others who will be given developer status, according
to Ron. Grid Scheduler 6.2 update 5 patch 1 will include 3 bug fixes,
and patch 2 will pull the SGE CVS Head branch to get the remaining
fixes. When we have enough bug fixes in, we will then start new
feature development. Once again, Open Grid Scheduler's goal is to
continue develop & maintain a free implementation of Grid Engine, not
to bring down OGE.


On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 6:36 PM, sgenedharvey <sge at nedharvey.com> wrote:
>> From: laotsao [mailto:laotsao at gmail.com]
>> I salute all the efforts for the patching of 6.2u5,
>> but what happen to NEW features?
>> World is changing very fast, how do U adopt  to the new changing world?
> This really gets back to what I said earlier:
>> Who are the largest consumers of free SGE?  Amazon?  Whoever uses the
>> most free SGE, they're the most likely to hire developers and continue
>> development on this open source branch.
> Whoever "they" are, they'll evaluate the cost of hiring development, versus
> the cost of paying Oracle, versus the cost of switching to something
> completely different.  But no matter what, the first thing they'll do is to
> wait around and see if Oracle releases OGE sources.
> If there is no major player willing to devote resources to gridscheduler,
> and if OGE remains closed source, then despite the valiant efforts of
> community contributors, progress won't keep pace with OGE.  Also, if Oracle
> wishes to patent some new development, and keep it closed-source, just to
> prevent that thing from being available in the community...  Unfortunately,
> they can.
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