[GE users] Permissions of /dev/pts/* using builtin?

coffman michael.coffman at avagotech.com
Mon Oct 4 15:18:58 BST 2010

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When using the builtin methods, does anyone have any ideas as to why the jobs tty is owned by root?   I am running 6.2u5 on rhel5 update 4

qrsh -verbose
local configuration sixgun.ftc.avagotech.net<http://sixgun.ftc.avagotech.net> not defined - using global configuration
Your job 756385 ("QRLOGIN") has been submitted
waiting for interactive job to be scheduled ...
Your interactive job 756385 has been successfully scheduled.
Establishing builtin session to host cs405.ftc.avagotech.net<http://cs405.ftc.avagotech.net> ...
mesg: /dev/pts/3: Operation not permitted

And sure enough:

ls -l /dev/pts/3
crw--w---- 1 root tty 136, 3 Oct  4 08:08 /dev/pts/3

sge_execd environment (and all the is as follows:

strings /proc/15015/environ


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