[GE users] SGE now called OGE, no longer free

dmr davidr at ressman.org
Mon Oct 4 19:23:37 BST 2010

> Just wondering, even with the availability of Open Grid Scheduler
> (which is the fork & continuation of open source SGE development), why
> are people still planning to Torque?

I can only answer from my perspective, so take this with a grain of salt.

There's availability, and there's Availability. Because there exists a
source repository maintained by a couple of people on a mailing list
devoted to another (albeit very, very similar) project doesn't mean
that I would use it. Most of the interaction on this list is people
telling other people that they're doing their fork wrong and arguing
about what license and source repo is best.

*If* it's going to get any use at all other than by the people
maintaining the source (because doing otherwise would ensure a slow,
lingering death by code rot), someone needs to set up an actual
project with attentive, available leadership, a roadmap (even a
rudimentary one is better than nothing), and commit privileges from
more than one organization. Am I going to do it? Hell no, but I
wouldn't even think about using it without the above.


And that's all I'll say about that, because I really don't feel like
this is the right list for this discussion. Daniel and the rest of the
Oracle people do a fantastic job, and I think that using the list set
up for the purpose of discussing SGE to discuss taking their work and
forking it somewhere else isn't giving them the respect from the
community that they have earned. I would encourage people to move this
discussion to a new gridengine-followup list somewhere.



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