[GE users] SGE now called OGE, no longer free

ron ron_chen_123 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 20:11:56 BST 2010

--- On Tue, 10/5/10, dmr <davidr at ressman.org> wrote:
> Most of the interaction on this list
> is people telling other people that they're doing their fork wrong
> and arguing about what license and source repo is best.

The reason we have those discussions is because people don't understand the real issues - we *cannot* fork SGE and pick another license. We need to continue to use SISSL. And unless we have lots more developers, we don't need git or bzr as our source repo -- even CVS is good for less than 10 developers.

> someone needs to set up an actual
> project with attentive, available leadership, a roadmap
> (even a rudimentary one is better than nothing),

Even when Sun was in charge, we did not get those.

And we don't even have people interested in compiling from source. Even when Sun was releasing alpha or beta tests, how many of us actually downloaded and tested the releases? Sun complained about that before!

> and commit privileges from more than one organization.

Well, Rayson (Toronto), Stephen, and myself (Hong Kong) work for 3 different organizations.

However, if you look at the existing SGE CVS list, only 3-5 non-Sun people actually contributed over 5 patches in the past 9 years. I don't think we will get a lot more than 5 developers in the near future.

And if you look at the SGE users list, it was only a few of us that answered most of the SGE users list questions. Out of 35736 messages since the birth of the project, people with over 500 messages:

  reuti       4720
  rayson      1622 (1064+558) -- switched email account, thus 2
  andy        1357
  ron         1323
  templedf     890
  craffi       770
  Andreas Haas 565 (left Sun in 2010)

So 7 people generated over 30% of the list traffic.

> Am I going to do it? Hell no,
> but I wouldn't even think about using it without the above.

The situation is same with Torque and other batch systems. Only 1 single large organization is in charge of the development. And around 5 outside contributors answer most of the questions on the mailing lists.

> I would encourage people to move this
> discussion to a new gridengine-followup list somewhere.

That's a good point, thanks David.


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