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jewellc chris.jewell at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Oct 6 15:02:20 BST 2010

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the pointers.  One question, though, is that if I implement the client-side JSV in the sge_request file (by adding the line -jsv /path/to/jsv), then can't the normal user simply get round the JSV by using the qsub "-clear" argument?  I'm not that bothered about the load on the server, since the number of job requests is not enormous, and I'll implement this in Perl eventually anyway.  Now if I could only figure out how to forward the binding information to OpenMPI..... ;-)



On 5 Oct 2010, at 17:36, Daniel Templeton wrote:

> Looks good to me.  Two comments, though.  First, it looks like you're only setting the binding strategy for SMP jobs if the binding strategy is already set.  That will fail, for example, if a user runs "qsub -clear -pe smp" because the -clear will wipe out the sge_request file. Second, you probably should set this as a client-side JSV in the sge_request file.  You don't want to run a Borne shell script JSV on the server side.
> Daniel
>> Many thanks Daniel!  This is what I came up with:
>> jsv_on_verify()
>> {
>>   if [ `jsv_is_param pe_name` ]&&  [ `jsv_is_param binding_strategy` ]; then
>>       if [ "`jsv_get_param pe_name`" = "smp" ]; then
>>         job_smp_cores=`jsv_get_param pe_min`
>> 	jsv_set_param binding_strategy "linear"
>> 	jsv_set_param binding_amount $job_smp_cores
>>         jsv_accept "SMP Job accepted with $job_smp_cores cores"
>>         return
>>       fi
>>   fi
>>   jsv_accept "Serial/MPI job accepted"
>>   return
>> }

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