[GE users] Can't request a boolean complex

prentice prentice at ias.edu
Wed Oct 6 19:58:11 BST 2010

prentice wrote:
> Okay, group, I know I must be doing something stupid here.
> I added a couple of hosts with tesla cards, and I defined an attribute
> on those hosts called "CUDA" and set it's value to true. On the other
> hosts, cuda is set to false.
> I then defined a complex "cuda", as shown below
> $ qconf -sc | egrep ^"#|cuda"
> #name               shortcut   type        relop   requestable
> consumable default  urgency
> #------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> cuda                cuda       BOOL        ==      YES         NO
>   FALSE    0
> Now when I request an interactive shell on one these machines by
> specifying -l cuda=true, I get an error:
> $ qrsh -l cuda=true
> Your "qrsh" request could not be scheduled, try again later.
> $ qrsh -l cuda==true
> attribute "cuda" is not a boolean value
> But if I specify cuda=false, this works:
> $ qrsh -l cuda=false
> Last login: Wed Jul  7 16:55:23 2010 from juno.XXX.XXX.XXX
> [prentice at jupiter ~]$
> Any idea what I'm overlooking? Did I define cuda incorrectly on my hosts?

Here's a couple host complex definitions:

$ qconf -se cuda01 | grep complex
complex_values        exclusive=true,cuda=true,slots=8

$ qconf -se achilles | grep complex
complex_values        cuda=FALSE

So qrsh -l cuda=false should send me to achilles, and qrsh -l cuda=true,
should send me to cuda01. And if I don't specify cuda at all, I should
NOT get cuda01, since the default value for cuda is FALSE.



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