[GE users] Problems with Advanced Reservations

pablorey prey at cesga.es
Wed Oct 13 09:57:18 BST 2010

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    Hi Reuti,

    Yes, the "mpi_1p" has a fixed allocation rule of 1. We use it to be sure that GE assigns 1 MPI slot per node.

    In the attached document you can see the configuration of the mpi and mpi_1p parallel environment. We also have checked other parallel environments with different allocation rules (round_robin, 2, 4, ...) with the same results.

    You can also find in the attached document two examples. The first of them use "mpi_1p" to reserve several nodes and we cannot submit the jobs (except if we request only 1 slot with "-pe mpi_1p 1"). In the second example we use "mpi" and so only 1 node is reserved. In this case all works properly.

    Regarding the .sge_request file, we don't use it so we don't request any queue by default. We specify the queues in the qrsub command because we only want to use nodes belonging to that queues.

    Thank you very much by your help,

On 11/10/2010 19:32, reuti wrote:

Am 11.10.2010 um 16:23 schrieb pablorey:

    Hi Reuti,

    Yes, I request always the same parallel environment used to submit the AR when I submit jobs (mpi_1p or mpi). The first test job is always done requesting the same resources used in the qrsub command. As it don't work, I change the requirements (num_proc, s_rt, s_vmen, ...) o the number of slots but always use the PE requested in the qrsub command.

And the "mpi_1p" has a fixed allocation rule of 1 then?

For now I can't reproduce this. Can you force the execution with "-w n" instead of "-w v"?

Do you request any queues by an .sge_request by default?

-- Reuti

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