[GE users] adding JMX-server

mrostaee mrostaee at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 16 07:29:20 BST 2010

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Hi and thanks in advance,

I use rocks5.3.  I have upgraded sge6.2u4 to sge6.2u5 roll by documentation on
https://wiki.rockscl?usters.org/wiki/inde? x.php?title=Build_Up?dated_SGE_Roll?&printable=yes<https://wiki.rocksclusters.org/wiki/index.php?title=Build_Updated_SGE_Roll&printable=yes>

I didn't set no-jni anywhere.
I 'd like to add jmx server so when command inst_sge -add-jmx the following message been shown:

thread with name "jvm" is not supported
what is problem? how can i solve that?


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