[GE users] Job status sent by root at exechost

duongusa Thiep.Duong at renesas.com
Mon Oct 18 21:02:24 BST 2010

This probably an old issue, but I was not able to search for
a solution.  Sorry If repeat the same question for everyone.

When a job is completed, I got mail sent to user from
root at exec_host:

From: Super-User <root at scblad04.mydomain.com>
Message-Id: <201010140800.o9E80mNL017047 at scblad04.mydomain.com>
To: cadadmin at lexus.mydomain.com
Subject: Job 50613 (Cron_getsum) Complete

This is fine, as long as mail being sent locally within my local
domain.  However, I do have contractor who wish to send mail out
to his outside address, we will get rejected with message as such:

Domain of sender address root at scblad04.mydomain.com does not exist)

To resolve it, I would like to change the mailer qconf -mconf
mailer   /bin/mailx  to something that work (script/wrapper?)

So that the mail sent out with sgeadmin at scblad04.mydomain.com
instead of root at .....

Anyone has a working script/wrapper that can deal with mailx?
(internally we use sendmail BTW) --

I thought making a script with one line:
#!/bin/csh -f
/bin/mailx -r sgeadmin at mydomain.com

May work but I failed --

Thanks in advance



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