[GE dev] Open source 6.2u6 ???

mdondrup michael.dondrup at uni.no
Tue Oct 19 15:03:00 BST 2010

not really an answer here but I just found this discussion on the fate OpenSolaris [1].  Don't really know if that
gives a clue for GE.
 My favorite argument form that thread, replace Solaris with (O) GE: 

"The current model almost certainly guaranties that Solaris 
will be abandoned by the Academic community. Once again, I bring up 
OS/400, AIX, and HP-UX. Without an introduction to "serious" OSes - 
which the academic community by far is the leading provider of - you 
lose the next generation of sysadmins, app developers, and tech 
managers. If they don't know your product, how are they going to use it 
(or be inclined to purchase them?)."

For OSes I would just say, switch to  FreeBSD or Linux, why use something that is technically inferior anyway?
For S/OGE I am already looking at alternatives again, it's just a bit harder to find.


[1] :http://opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=133043&tstart=0

On Oct 19, 2010, at 2:01 PM, sgenedharvey wrote:

> By now, if 6.2u6 isn't open, it's a pretty safe assumption it will remain closed-source.  But when I go to download the source, I just see the CVS tree, no release tarballs or anything ... so I don't think I would be able to know if 6.2u6 is included in the present releases or not.
> So ... Has the 6.2u6 source been opened yet?
> I'm trying to figure out what's happening with openoffice.  They could do as they've done with solaris - Source is closed during development and only opened at release.  Or they could do as they've done with SGE - simply make it closed source.  If in fact, that's what they've done with SGE.


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