[GE users] Problem with clearing a suspended status from a queue instance.

mad margaret_Doll at brown.edu
Wed Oct 20 13:49:08 BST 2010

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I have tried to remove the Ss status from the queue instance by using qmon and clicking on force and resume.  That does not change the status.  I rebooted the host on which the host exists; that did not resume the queue.

There are no jobs in the queue instance.

This queue instance in the het queue is part of a subordinate queue het-2hr.

[root at ted g03]# qmod -usq het at compute-0-31
[root at ted g03]# qmod -usq het at compute-0-31.local
[root at ted g03]# qmod -usq het-2hr at compute-0-31.local
Queue instance "het-2hr at compute-0-31.local" is already in the specified state: unsuspended
[root at ted g03]# qmod -usq het at compute-0-31.local

The queue instance for het at compute-0-31.local in qmon still shows a status of Ss

I am running ROCKS  5.0 , Centos 2.6.18-53.1.14.el5, Grid Engine 6.1u4

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