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Am 21.10.2010 um 20:30 schrieb wlee_hess:

> To all,
> I've managed to use the method listed in the web link below to back up our SGE 6.2u5 configuration to a Subversion repository using a combination of the save_sge_config.sh and the Subversion svn_load_dirs.pl scripts.
> http://scompt.com/blog/archives/2009/10/13/versioned-grid-engine-configuration
> I have a few questions with regards to recovering a previous configuration from my repository.
> 1. What I am wondering is if anyone has attempted to roll back their SGE configuration to a previous configuration using the "load_sge_config.sh" script?  If so, is it as simple as checking out a version of the configuration from the Subversion repository, then pointing the "load_sge_config.sh" script to the checked out version and letting the "load_sge_configs.sh" reload/reinstall the previous configuration into SGE?

The original intention of these scripts were to load the old configuration in a new empty cluster, if you have a completely messed up configuration, it might be necessary to clear this configuration first to an initial state. The problem is, that an attached complex to an exechost or queue, would first need to be removed from them, then load the new complex configuration (w/o this complex), then load the new exechost or queue configuration. This is not foreseen for now and you may end up with complexes which weren't in the saved configuration. Same may apply to hostgroups, ACLs, subordinated queues, ...

What might help though: execute "load_sge_config.sh" several times until no error is left. The error won't show up as such, but in the /tmp/sge_backup_load_....log file still being output as "I" only.

> 2. If I can perform a roll back, can I do this while the SGE Qmaster server processes are running or does it make sense to shutdown the Qmaster server processes, do the roll back, and then restart the Qmaster?

In fact, as "load_sge_config.sh" uses the usual `qconf` command to apply the changes, the qmaster must be running.

-- Reuti

> Thanks in advance.
> NOTE: For those of you employing Ed Dale's Subversion backup/versioning, I had to use a later release of the "svn_load_dirs.pl" script since version 1.4.2 of the script doesn't seem to handle the SGE hostgroup files I've created properly.  This is because their names start with an "@" (i.e. at) character.  I managed to update the script with Subversion 1.6.6's script which does not have this problem.
> Regards,
> Wayne
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