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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

can be achieved as follows:
# <path> same for all commands
qsub  -i  <path>/input  -o  <path>/A.output  A
# manually lookup job id of A in SGE
qsub  -hold_jid  <job_id_of_A>  -i  <path>/A.output  -o  <path>/B.output  B
# manually lookup job id of B in SGE
qsub  -hold_jid  <job_id_of_B>  -i  <path>/B.output  -o  <path>/C.output  C
(1) The above requires "human intervention" to checkup the job ids to
specify the job dependencies. Is there anyway to get the job id of a
submitted job through some stored variable (without the need to manually
lookup qacct -j job_id) and than use it as arguments for the qsub submission
of the dependent job?
(2) After the jobs are submitted to SGE to be scheduled, the OCAML program
would block waiting for job C to write its result into "output". Is there
anyway (also without the need to manually lookup qacct -j job_id) to get a
"signal" or "notification" from SGE to inform the blocking OCAML program
that a certain submitted job has completed? (I am aware that qsub returns 0
if the job has been submitted correctly, but what I need is some form of
program notification that a job has completed successfully or

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