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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

tkill: setting prefix to (null)
tkill: setting suffix to sge-110-undefined
tkill: got killname back: /tmp/110.1.testing/lam-slaton at qcn16-sge-110-undefined/lam-killfile
tkill: f_kill = "/tmp/110.1.testing/lam-slaton at qcn16-sge-110-undefined/lam-killfile"
tkill: nothing to kill: "/tmp/110.1.testing/lam-slaton at qcn16-sge-110-undefined/lam-killfile"
hboot: performing tkill
hboot: tkill -sessionsuffix sge-110-undefined -d 
hboot: booting...
hboot: fork /usr/local/lam/sge/pgi/bin/lamd
[1]   1734 lamd -H -P 32771 -n 0 -o 0 -d -sessionsuffix sge-110-undefined


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