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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

figure out, if an automatic lmremove could be done, when the queue
goes to hold?

Does someone out there have a solution or an idea what could be done?
Is it possible? I would not hesitate to extend qlicserver, but I thought
to first ask for some recommendations.

It seems that LSF has a module, that provides exectely that possibilty.
We have acquired an office in the U.S. and they were using LSF.
After migration to SGE they are looking for a similiar solution.
Does someone know how LSF achieves that? License proxy?

Some more information about the environment:
- Most of our license usage is not through grid (which makes the known 
problems with license monitoring hitting us fully).
- I'm operating a global set of local SGE cells, mostly Linux/Opteron and
- Licenses are hosted by a hierachical set of license servers, which 
contributes to even more license problems (e.g. network outage, slow
response time, ...)

(*) I have extended qlicserver (great work, thanks to Mark and all 
contributoers) to:
  -scan N servers in parallel.
Because we have distributed and hierachically organized license servers. And 
recent lmstat versions only report from the first server they find in 
- report and log into RRD; automatically create web browasable
- report hierachically available features combined and/or split
  (  feature  = LOCAL_feature + WAN_feature + GWAN_feature )
- automatically add new features
- use an external program to detect the license server setup
- extended the "limits" to keep a given percentage free (e.g. with
  different limits for day and night).
If someone is interested, I will try to convince management to make the
extensions available to the community).

Bye, thanks, happy weekend
# wilfried at,          +49 841 975180     #
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