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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

This is an example output which should be quite easy to see is wrong:

----------------- from job 790-------------------------

bash-3.00$ cat output.790
-- begin setup pe --
Contents of machinefile from sge: 1 master.103.q at <NULL> 4 short.103.q at <NULL> 4 short.103.q at <NULL>
Machine file after conversion to powerflow specs is [/tmp/790.1.master.103.q/machines]
Machine file contents after conversion to powerflow specs:
-- end setup pe --
PowerFLOW Release dist-4.0a-pcool-b (/share/apps/powerflow/4.0a-mte)
Job submitted for simulation.
Running in foreground mode.
PowerFLOW Release dist-4.0a-pcool-b (/share/apps/powerflow/4.0a-mte)
Error: /tmp/789.1.master.103.q/machines does not exist or is unreadable


Is this a known bug or whats happening here?


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