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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

As of version 1.44, the command-line options and the configuration of
the qlicserver have changed. The goal of the changes is to improve the
ease of deployment and to increase the flexibility of the program in
general. Editing the source code should no longer be required, but can
be done if you either wish to operate without a configuration file, or
would like to have some failsafe values hard-coded in. Although
upgrading from a previous version should be straightforward, please do
check if there is now a different way of doing things or if a particular
option has been eliminated. The -h option usually provides a good
starting point.

The most notable changes:

* XML configuration file 
  A configuration file can be used for most of the license configuration
  and operation parameters -- qlicserver.config

* Resource limit files 
  Resource limits controllable from a file or a directory of files

* XML output format 
  With supplementary XSLT sheets it allows web-based monitoring of the

* Optional qhost/qstat output 
  These results of these queries can be used by processed by appropriate
  XSLT sheets (eg, within xmlqstat) to monitor the status of jobs and

* Silent operation by default 
  The previous -q (quiet) option has been dropped in favour of
  explicitly requesting output with the output parameter.

* Command-line parameters
  Many program parameters can also be set in the configuration file or
  via the command-line.

* More flexible daemon modes
  It is now possible to operate like a true daemon (without a parent) or
  to monitor a particular process or process id.

The essential license accounting logic remains unchanged from previous

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