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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

versions mentioned. Do I download and use "arco-V62_TAG-src.tar.gz" for
all 4 clusters, or do I need to use "arco-V61u4_TAG-src.tar.gz" for the
GE 6.1u4 clusters and which version for the 6.0u* clusters?


I only found a reference to getting ARCO off of the CD for version 6,
and I don't have a CD :-)


I found these src packages on






From: Mike Hanby [mailto:mhanby at] 
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Subject: [GE users] ARCO in a mixed environment




I have 4 clusters that have their own Grid Engine install with the
following versions:

SGE 6.0u4

GE  6.0u8

GE  6.1u4

GE  6.1u4


All 4 are generating the reporting file (the two oldest are several
hundred MBs in size).


I'd like to start using ARCO to accomplish the following:

*         Store the reporting info for each cluster on a single db
server with single DB using different schemas for each cluster

*         Provide a single web interface for all the reporting


Will this work with each of the versions listed above?

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