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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

adary at adary-lnx:~$ sudo aptitude search portm
[sudo] password for adary:
p   libportmidi-dev                 - library for real-time MIDI input/output
p   libportmidi0                    - library for real-time MIDI input/output
i A portmap                         - RPC port mapper
adary at adary-lnx:~$

this box is 8.10

I find it hard to believe that you don?t have that package since its crucial for any nfs work (should be even installed by default)

i'm already under root user so i wrote this: #aptitude search portm

but i didn't get any output
any other suggestions?
and what's the meaning of "this box is 8.10", if you mean ubuntu version then mine is 6.06


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