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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

A couple of issues remain though (any suggestions would be welcomed):
- This doesn't work with qlicserver because the internal consumable accounting is done per job so if 8 instances of TheSoftware are running on an 8core node SGE and qlicserver incorrectly think 8 licenses are being consumed (even though lmstat reports otherwise). In essence, qlicserver would require modification to handle the floating dynamically node-locked licenses.
- Using a soft resource request makes it possible to open new nodes to TheSoftware jobs when e.g. a license is available but all existing nodes running TheSoftware are full or there are none currently running. However, particularly in the latter case, when SGE schedules a batch of new jobs in a single interval there is no time to update the load sensor that indicates TheSoftware is running. This means the new jobs are distributed according to the usual scheduling heuristics which tend to be worst case for conserving licenses.

If you read this far, thanks!


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