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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

the jobs of particular users on the same host (or at least on only a 
few hosts) and avoid the situation that jobs of the same user are 
distributed randomly across the cluster. 
Note that these jobs are all independent and started at possibly
different times.

What would be required is a means to influence the scheduling
decision so that if the same user has already jobs running in 
certain queues, the job should be dispatched preferably to a 
free slot in one of these queues. 
Looking at the job distribution at submit time and requesting
queues explicitly won't work, because the job distribution will
change until the job is actually started. Defining a complex for
every user, setting and resetting this for the queue from 
job prologue/epilogue scripts and requesting this user-specific
complex as a soft reqirement might be feasible, but sounds messy:
there would be many complexes needed, and users would need the 
permission to modify the queue.

Does anybody with deeper GridEngine knowledge have an idea how 
this could be achieved in a reasonable way? Or is this simply
not possible?

Dieter Ruppert


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