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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

queue instance "veryshort.1 at compute-0-4.local" dropped because it is temporarily not available.

A couple files of interest:
my auto.home file:
*	cluster.local:/export/home/&
install	cluster.local:/export/home/&
fs431	cluster.local:/export/home/fs431

my auto.master file:
/home  /etc/auto.home  --timeout=1200
/scratch_local /etc/auto.share  --timeout=1200

my auto.share file:
* cluster.local:/scratch_local/&

my file:
* cluster.local:/scratch_local/&
root cluster.local:/scratch_local/&

I am using a CentOS4.6 with either a Rocks 4.3 or Rocks 4.2.1 frontend.  Grid Engine 6.0u8 in cell default.

Hope that helps.  I'm already in trouble for wiping the raid0, so any help is greatly appreciated!



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