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Wed Jan 12 20:38:46 GMT 2011

Which means for the user that he can either trust SGE to dispatch the job, or specify the queue to have a chance never to get suspended.

Does it sound like a strange/bad configuration to you ?

SGE dispatches the next job on both the queues. This behaviour is really bad for our cluster, as one parallel job really shouldn't span across multiple queues.

The is intended: when one and the same PE is attached to different queues, you can get a mix of slots. But it can be changed by using wildcards in your PE request:

Define one PE e.g. mpi1 for queue1.q and a second mpi2 for queue2.q (only attached to one queue each) and submit with `qsub -pe "mpi*" 4 ...`. Once a PE is selected by SGE, it will only collect slots from the queues it is attached to.

-- Reuti

Very nice tip indeed !

As always, thanks for your help.
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