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Sun Jan 2 14:09:35 GMT 2011

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what will happen to the old mails for this mail-list?

On 1/1/2011 7:53 PM, templedf wrote:
> John,
> The Open Grid Scheduler project (and Son of Grid Engine project) is a
> separately owned and maintained source base from the Oracle Grid Engine
> product.  We will support them as much as we can, but Oracle has fairly
> strict boundaries on interactions with third parties, such as open
> source projects.  The top of the list of things that we cannot do is
> donate or borrow any source code.  Enhancements made in u6 and u7 were
> made to the Grid Engine product and hence cannot be donated to any open
> source project.  Similarly, none of the work that the supporters of the
> open source projects are doing can be incorporated into the Grid Engine
> product.  What we can do is share things that aren't source code, such
> as all of the project artifacts we have received from CollabNet.  We can
> also collaborate with the open source projects to make sure that
> transitioning between them and the product is an painless as possible.
> Where laws permit (e.g. in California), individuals are also allowed to
> participate in the open source projects on their own time.
> Daniel
> On 1/1/11 9:18 AM, cjf001 wrote:
>> Ron, Daniel, Rayson -
>> Happy New Year everyone ! I hope that this year brings health
>> and happiness to all those using Grid Engine ! :)
>> So, I'm trying to get my head around where we're at right now,
>> in preparation for a "Cluster Support" meeting on Tuesday. It
>> appears that Oracle will be sponsoring the "Open Grid
>> Scheduler project", but I'm trying to figure out exactly
>> what that means (I realize that perhaps no one actually
>> knows yet, but I'll ask anyway....).
>> So, here's my basic question (I apologize in advance if this
>> was answered in the flurry of emails the past few weeks, but
>> I don't think it was) -
>> What subset of changes that were made between 6.2u5 and
>> 6.2u6 will be made available to the OGS project by Oracle ?
>> Now that 6.2.u7 has been announced, I guess the same question
>> could be asked about that release, too.
>> In other words, will the user community have to "reverse-engineer"
>> all the changes made by Oracle to get them included into the OGS
>> project, or will Oracle be supplying the code for them ?
>> I could go on and on with questions / comments about building,
>> mailing lists, other "competing" projects, bugs, features, docs,
>> etc..... (!) -- but I won't, because I think the answer to
>> this (rather simple) question will help many of us decide
>> what our future with Grid Engine will be.
>> If you cannot answer this question now, can you tell us if you
>> will be able to answer this question on the Roadmap webcast on
>> Jan 13th ?
>>       Thanks !
>>         John
>> ron wrote:
>>> Thanks Daniel. A few changes with the Open Grid Scheduler project:
>>> - as mentioned by Rayson, he is assigned as the project owner.
>>> - the "developers"&    "users" lists were created on sourceforge.
>>> I will be busy for the next month or two, so Rayson will be in charge of creating the OGS 6.2u5 patch 1 release.
>>>     -Ron
>>> P.S. Sorry for being quiet for the past few months, and happy new year!!!
>>> --- On Fri, 12/24/10, templedf<daniel.templeton at oracle.com>    wrote:
>>>> o The Open Grid Scheduler project
>>>> [http://sourceforge.net/projects/gridscheduler/] will be
>>>> continuing on
>>>> the tradition of the Grid Engine open source project.
>>>> While the Open
>>>> Grid Scheduler project will remain independent of the
>>>> Oracle Grid Engine
>>>> product, the project will have the support of the Oracle
>>>> team, including
>>>> making available artifacts from the original Grid Engine
>>>> open source
>>>> project.
>>>> Oracle is committed to enhancing Oracle Grid Engine as a
>>>> commercial
>>>> product and has an exciting road map planned.  In
>>>> addition to developing
>>>> new features and functionality to continue to improve the
>>>> customer
>>>> experience, we also plan to release game-changing
>>>> integrations with
>>>> several other Oracle products, including Oracle Enterprise
>>>> Manager and
>>>> Oracle Coherence.  Also, as Oracle's cloud strategy
>>>> unfolds, we expect
>>>> that the Oracle Grid Engine product's role in the overall
>>>> strategy will
>>>> continue to grow.  To discuss our general plans for
>>>> the product, we
>>>> would like to invite you to join us for a live webcast on
>>>> Oracle Grid
>>>> Engine?s new road map. Go here to register:
>>>> [http://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/24655]
>>>> Next Steps:
>>>> o Visit Oracle Technology Network Oracle Grid Engine center
>>>> [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-engine-166852.html?ssSourceSiteId=ocomen]
>>>> to post questions or regarding open source related issues
>>>> o Contact Oracle if you wish to learn more about Oracle
>>>> Grid Engine
>>>> http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/contact/global-070511.html
>>>> o Join us for a live webcast on Oracle Grid Engine?s
>>>> roadmap
>>>> [http://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/24655]
>>>> Thank you to everyone in the community for their support
>>>> over the last
>>>> decade and their continued support going forward!
>>>> Daniel
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