[SGE-discuss] mail archive (was: virtual_free consumable resource)

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Jan 4 17:37:58 GMT 2011

Jesse Becker <beckerjes at mail.nih.gov> writes:

> I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for complete archives.  I
> managed to extract mbox files from about 17 Feb 2010 to 29 Dec 2010, but
> that's far from complete (about 6,200 messages--let me know if you want
> a copy)

Thanks.  I assume that's -users.  If you have articles from the -dev
list, that would probably be useful.  There is at least some interesting
stuff there.  The dump of -users from Gmane goes back to 2006, and
should be complete modulo any no-archive headers, so probably only older
articles are interesting.  I suspect older messages are of relatively
little use, but still worth preserving.  If Reuti archives his replies,
that's a substantial fraction of the traffic!

> markmail.org has the most complete archive I've found, with all of the
> lists: gridengine-users (36.6k messages), -checkins, -development (4.5k
> messages), -bugs, -general and -announcements.


> The good news is the searching abilites are decent.  The bad news is
> that there's no easy way to full email information (headers, etc, or
> enough to construct an mbox file).

The interface is less than pleasant, I think.  I don't know what will
happen to those archives when the lists die -- I don't know if they
already have done -- so it's worth having other sources.

I'll give archives a while to appear at Oracle and ask for them if they
don't.  In the meantime, I'll check what will happen to the Gmane -users
archive and try to produce a useful searchable archive of that if
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