[SGE-discuss] virtual_free consumable resource

Julie Ashworth julie.ashworth at berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 4 17:39:34 GMT 2011

hi Dave,

On 04-01-2011 11.53 +0000, Dave Love wrote:
> > and I ran a for loop for the exec hosts (named nx1,nx2...nx8):
> > qconf -mattr exechost complex_values mem_free=92G nx$i
> > qconf -mattr exechost complex_values virtual_free=92G nx$i
> Don't do that.  virtual_free is a load value, already defined for the
> host, varying dynamically.  (Which could be considered confusing.)  I
> guess you want to -dattr the complex from each host now.

Ok, I dattr'd these values. 

# qconf -se nx5
hostname              nx5.priv
load_scaling          NONE
complex_values        NONE
load_values           arch=lx24-amd64,num_proc=16,mem_total=96674.078125M, \
                      swap_total=0.000000M,virtual_total=96674.078125M, \
                      load_avg=0.020000,load_short=0.030000, \
                      load_medium=0.020000,load_long=0.000000, \
                      mem_free=95960.152344M,swap_free=0.000000M, \
                      virtual_free=95960.152344M,mem_used=713.925781M, \
                      swap_used=0.000000M,virtual_used=713.925781M, \
                      cpu=0.000000,np_load_avg=0.001250, \
                      np_load_short=0.001875,np_load_medium=0.001250, \
processors            16
user_lists            NONE
xuser_lists           NONE
projects              NONE
xprojects             NONE
usage_scaling         NONE
report_variables      NONE

Using 'qsub -l virtual_free=XGB...' still fails on the 
execution hosts with the error:
attribute "virtual_free" is not a memory value.

Referring to the follow-up email yesterday, this may be
a coincidence, but 'qsub -l virtual_free' work on a non-
execution host, but fails on all of the execution hosts.
Perhaps there is a permissions problem? Unfortunately,
nothing is logged (AFAIK).

Thank you for the link to the archives. There are many 
references to virtual_free from Reuti which will take 
a while to parse. The only reference to the 'not a 
memory value' error was in the source code. I will try 
a new installation and see if that helps.


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