Ticket #466: 128

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2   name         global_limit
3   description  Overall limits
4   enabled      FALSE
5   limit        name transit queues normal to slots=0
6   limit        name all users {*} to slots=1200
9   name         user
10   description  Limit utilization by user
11   enabled      FALSE
12   limit        name uio users {*} projects to to NONE
13   limit        name kjemi users {*} projects to to NONE
16   name         libero_runtime
17   description  Limit runtime in libero queue, hmm enabling crashes sge_schedd
18   enabled      FALSE
19   limit        name therest users {*} queues libero to s_rt=34560000
22   name         project_special
23   description  ensure the two bioportal projects don't get more than 64  \
24   together
25   enabled      FALSE
26   limit        name bioportal projects bioportal,bioportal2 queues !libero to \
27   slots=64
30   name         ibutil
31   description  Limit utilization of ib-nodes
32   enabled      FALSE
33   limit        projects cigene queues !libero hosts @ib to slots=28
34   limit        projects metno queues !libero hosts @ib to slots=204
35   limit        projects metos queues !libero hosts @ib to slots=64
36   limit        projects pgp queues !libero hosts @ib to slots=40
37   limit        projects uio queues !libero hosts @ib to slots=32
38   limit        projects comphys queues !libero hosts @ib to slots=12
39   limit        projects prognose queues !libero hosts !@ib to slots=0
40   limit        queues !forecast,!libero hosts @ib to slots=0
43   name         project
44   description  limits for projects, except libero (careful, parsed by showq)
45   enabled      FALSE
46   limit        name kjemi projects queues to slots=72
47   limit        name kjemitest projects queues to slots=8
48   limit        name astro1 projects queues to slots=80
49   limit        name astro2 projects queues to slots=12
50   limit        name bioportal2 projects queues to slots=40
51   limit        name bioportal projects queues to slots=64
52   limit        name biotek projects queues to slots=32
53   limit        name cigene projects queues to slots=64
54   limit        name cmbn projects queues to slots=80
55   limit        name paralign projects cmbnp queues !libero to slots=80
56   limit        name comphys projects queues to slots=12
57   limit        name forecast projects prognose queues !libero to slots=364
58   limit        name frisch projects queues to slots=8
59   limit        name ife projects queues to slots=16
60   limit        name kjemi projects queues to slots=80
61   limit        name math projects queues to slots=12
62   limit        name metno projects queues to slots=204
63   limit        name metos projects queues to slots=64
64   limit        name norgrid projects queues to slots=128
65   limit        name notur projects queues to slots=300
66   limit        name nrpa projects queues to slots=4
67   limit        name nrr projects queues to slots=4
68   limit        name pgp projects queues to slots=40
69   limit        name radium projects queues to slots=8
70   limit        name staff projects queues to slots=1800
71   limit        name uio projects queues to slots=568
72   limit        name ztherest projects * queues !libero to slots=0
75   name         cmbn
76   description  keep people away from the cmbn nodes
77   enabled      FALSE
78   limit        queues paralign hosts {@cmbn} to slots=4
79   limit        projects {cmbn,cmbnp} hosts {@cmbn} to slots=4
80   limit        queues !libero hosts @cmbn to slots=0
83   name         queue
84   description  queue-limits
85   enabled      FALSE
86   limit        name libero queues to to NONE
89   name         libero
90   description  Limit utilization in libero queue (careful, parsed by showq)
91   enabled      FALSE
92   limit        name grid projects norgrid queues libero to slots=600
93   limit        name therest users {*} queues libero to slots=400
96   name         hosts
97   description  make sure no more than 4 slots are occupied on any host,  \
98   except those which allow suspension, paralign suspends cmbn, forecast  \
99   suspends everything on @ib
100   enabled      FALSE
101   limit        name libero queues hosts to slots=4
102   limit        name cmbn queues paralign hosts {@cmbn} to slots=4
103   limit        name cmbn queues normal hosts {@cmbn} to slots=4
104   limit        name ib queues forecast hosts {@ib} to slots=4
105   limit        name therest queues !libero hosts {*} to slots=4