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1Index: doc/man/man3/drmaa_attributes.3
3RCS file: /cvs/gridengine/doc/man/man3/drmaa_attributes.3,v
4retrieving revision 1.18
5diff -r1.18 drmaa_attributes.3
7> .SS "drmaa_submit_as_euid - ""{y|n}"""
8> Specifies whether the jobs submitted using the job template will will run under the
9> authority of the real or the effective user and group ID. If not explicitly set in
10> the job template the attribute defaults to 'n'. Either 'y' or 'n' can be specified.
11> If 'y' is specified xxQS_NAMExx will use the effective user and group ID, otherwise
12> the real user and group ID is being used.
13> .PP
14> .\"
15> .\"