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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#820 Sort out spec file dlove enhancement closed high 8.0.0a
#821 Get graphical installer building dlove task closed normal 8.0.0a
#823 check possible form of new version names task closed high 8.0.0a
#1278 review/fix the top-level READMEs dlove defect closed normal 8.0.0a
#1296 ensure compatibility with 6.2u5 to pass "standards" test defect closed high 8.0.0a
#1308 need recipe to build herd defect closed normal 8.0.0a
#723 IZ3147: BATCH and IMMEDIATE QUEUES concept need to be clarified in man pages Dave Love <…> defect closed normal 8.0.0b
#762 IZ3214: manpage queue_conf does not fully describe "slots" notation defect closed normal 8.0.0b
#1348 install_execd fails to start sge_execd daemon due to missing spool folder Dave Love <…> defect closed normal 8.0.0b
#1349 RHEL 6 build problems dlove defect closed normal 8.0.0b
#1339 job spool files getting lost defect closed high 8.0.0c
#1358 -db still in install scripts defect closed normal 8.0.0c
#1359 split RPM package further defect closed normal 8.0.0c
#446 IZ2335: load_avg data missing from "qstat -f -xml" Dave Love <…> defect closed normal 8.0.0d
#777 IZ3239: -terse option in sge_request files is ignored Dave Love <…> defect closed normal 8.0.0d
#1362 inst_template.conf defect closed normal 8.0.0d
#508 IZ2553: /tmp/*_messages files are subject to symlink vulnerabilities Dave Love <…> defect closed high 8.0.0e
#593 IZ2780: Move manager/operator setup out of CreateSGEStartupScripts dlove patch closed normal 8.0.0e
#808 IZ3271: Syslog protocol support in SGE Dave Love <…> feature closed high 8.0.0e
#1351 spooled jobs files shouldn't be world-readable defect new normal 8.0.0e
#1537 Use ACL to control who(besides) root is a manager/operator enhancement new low future
#1618 darcs patch: openssl 1.1 ciphers patch closed high future
#822 qmon image-related cleanup task new low
#824 sort out mail lists and mail-based bug submission dlove task closed normal
#825 sort out mirroring of darcs repos dlove task accepted normal
#826 sort out patch application dlove task accepted high
#827 need spam filtering dlove task accepted normal
#828 extra Trac facilities dlove task accepted normal
#829 need copyright link in site footer dlove task new high
#830 commit hook not working dlove defect closed high
#831 update tickets from issuezilla dlove task closed high
#832 use recent source for qtcsh and qmake dlove task closed low
#833 add a debian build directory task new low
#834 better build system task new normal
#835 provide a useful, stable API enhancement new normal
#836 Use hwloc defect closed normal
#837 distribute Haupt's Pam module for ssh tight integration? Dave Love <…> feature closed low
#838 add the TACC_SGE PAM module dlove feature closed low
#1274 investigate testsuite task new normal
#1275 include reuti's mpich tight integration feature new low
#1276 provide snapshots dlove task closed high
#1277 qalter complains about changing resource requests but does it anyway defect closed normal
#1280 resource reservation failures dlove defect assigned high
#1281 logo dlove enhancement new normal
#1282 check on removed jars &c dlove task assigned normal
#1283 job continues when node reboots defect new normal
#1284 check need for setting executable permissions after repo pulls dlove defect closed high
#1285 tabulate status possibilities in qstat.1 Dave Love <…> enhancement closed low
#1286 qmon fails to change project defect new low
#1287 qalter should be able to remove requests (which qmon can) enhancement new normal
#1293 substitute installation directory in man pages defect new low
#1297 missing indexing in arco tables for postgres and oracle databases defect closed normal
#1298 look into using sqlite with dbwriter enhancement new low
#1299 Additional architecture em64t enhancement new normal
#1300 Add HTTP interface, probably via DRMAA dlove feature new normal
#1301 more sophisticated memory accounting enhancement new normal
#1302 add credits dlove enhancement closed high
#1303 reservation made for node with invalid PE defect new normal
#1304 JSV breaks qsub from stdin defect closed normal
#1305 Build dependencies doc enhancement new normal
#1306 eliminate use of ksh Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#1307 mail from failed jobs is highly incomplete Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1309 Should be able to localize/standardize dates defect new normal
#1310 bad xon/xoff handling by qrlogin defect new normal
#1311 and don't honor host_aliases defect closed normal
#1312 Behavior of -e/-o inconsistent defect new normal
#1313 .sge_quota not working defect closed normal
#1314 Inconsistent documentation defect closed normal
#1315 Option to qquota to limit the ouptut to a particular RQS: qquota -rqs foobar defect new normal
#1316 Negative consumable in case of an additional load value defect new normal
#1317 Event for "unheard": send email defect new normal
#1318 Two types of RQS to limit the output defect new normal
#1319 Computing urgency for consumable=JOB defect new normal
#1320 qstat -a <account> to limit output to certain accounts enhancement new normal
#1321 $ARC set by start of execd instead of hardcoded into the binary feature new normal
#1322 add monitoring howto information enhancement new normal
#1323 trac auto-closing of tickets not working dlove defect closed high
#1324 allow fair share by runtime (slot count) enhancement closed normal
#1325 Replace webconsole task new normal
#1326 Expand extra variables in external program templates defect closed normal
#1327 qsched needs a man page enhancement closed normal
#1328 IZ3296: Pseudo variable ~ and ~user for qsub -o/-e will crash the execd Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1329 IZ3297: Using a pseudo variable to qsub -wd changes output path instead of working directory defect new normal
#1330 IZ3298: AR use INFINITY time when no -d/-e is specified defect new normal
#1331 look into reviving postgres spooling enhancement new normal
#1332 qrsh accepts/ignores -o defect closed normal
#1333 make hostname checking optional enhancement new normal
#1334 Patch to allow RPM to build without Java enhancement closed normal
#1335 expurgate ksh enhancement closed low
#1336 avoid sharetree error message from qmaster startup defect new low
#1337 qrstat should be able to report details of reservation enhancement new normal
#1338 qstat doesn't report array job concurrency limit enhancement closed normal
#1340 allow longer error reason enhancement closed normal
#1341 -M and other options in .sge_request not over-ridden by qsub command line defect new normal
#1342 Submitting with -w e prevents JSV from correcting the job request defect new normal
#1343 Using -q ... in qstat results in ignoring pending jobs defect new normal
#1345 admin mail may contain non-printing characters Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1346 "running job ... that was not supposed to be there" after node dies defect new normal
#1347 reschedule_unknown settings can result in all jobs being killed defect new normal
#1352 allow altering consumable requests on running job (to take effect when rescheduled) enhancement new normal
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