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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#825 sort out mirroring of darcs repos dlove task accepted normal
#826 sort out patch application dlove task accepted high
#827 need spam filtering dlove task accepted normal
#828 extra Trac facilities dlove task accepted normal
#1525 Grid engine Doesn't use /sge cpuset when original cpuset filesystem used wish defect accepted normal
#1280 resource reservation failures dlove defect assigned high
#1282 check on removed jars &c dlove task assigned normal
#1524 sge_execd aborts if sge cpuset/cgroup exists but is not fully initialized dlove patch assigned normal
#3 IZ56: job resource request lacks OR operator feature closed normal
#8 IZ97: exit code implications for various methods enhancement closed normal
#10 IZ111: qconf man page updated with new -clearusage option enhancement closed normal
#11 IZ114: Two new cluster configuration parameters (max_aj_instances, max_aj_tasks) enhancement closed normal
#15 IZ154: suppress READ_DANGLING (insure) in combination with getenv() Dave Love <…> task closed normal
#19 IZ168: enhance qacct [-A account_string] to qacct [-A [account_string]] Dave Love <…> enhancement closed low
#20 IZ178: New cluster configuration parameter "max_jobs" enhancement closed highest
#22 IZ205: cannot create "parallel interactive" queues only. enhancement closed normal
#30 IZ227: HOWTO for aix loadsensor enhancement closed normal
#33 IZ243: Memory leak in sge_schedd defect closed normal
#35 IZ245: qhost -l h=<hostname> does not work patch closed normal
#36 IZ246: Load values on HP multi-CPU machines not correct defect closed normal
#37 IZ248: qconf -se shows "reschedule_unknown_list" param defect closed normal
#38 IZ254: create and use function to get paths/files in active_jobs directory enhancement closed normal
#41 IZ258: output of job/jatask/petask ids enhancement closed normal
#42 IZ259: qhost -j is broken defect closed normal
#43 IZ260: Prevent master from accepting jobs without id range specification feature closed highest
#44 IZ269: PVM_VMID should be set in job script, start/ Dave Love <…> patch closed normal
#45 IZ270: Make it possible not checking for binaries at install Dave Love <…> enhancement closed lowest
#55 IZ304: sge_conf(5) binary_path not used for qrsh_starter enhancement closed normal
#64 IZ358: Kerberos credentials are not being deleted on execution host defect closed low
#85 IZ483: reporting of reason for job abort enhancement closed normal
#87 IZ512: performance of non unique hashtables can be improved enhancement closed normal
#94 IZ553: Admin guide: Moved object references from pe/ckpt into queue feature closed normal
#95 IZ554: GE scheduler and ntpdate seems incompatible. task closed normal
#98 IZ570: qstat -s prsz bug Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#103 IZ601: queue_conf(5) incomplete for owner_list description defect closed highest
#105 IZ615: Admin doc has to reflect changes of the complex matching enhancement closed normal
#106 IZ620: Uesr guide: changes in man page submit.1 defect closed normal
#117 IZ655: qmake dynamic allocation enhancement closed normal
#118 IZ659: sge_execd creates world-writeable files in active_jobs directory defect closed lowest
#119 IZ691: missing documentation concerning HGRPs and CQs defect closed high
#121 IZ726: Mixed upper- and lowercase in shortcuts enhancement closed highest
#125 IZ734: Crash in Cluster Queues/Customize/Misc Filters defect closed highest
#126 IZ736: Time dialog handles INFINITY not correctly defect closed normal
#128 IZ739: Edit Box should not only be Read-Only but also be grayed enhancement closed normal
#136 IZ756: qconf help text is wrong defect closed highest
#137 IZ760: configuration parameter "tmpdir" is missing. defect closed normal
#138 IZ764: distinst -basedir ... creates wrong basedir defect closed normal
#140 IZ780: qconf -mhgrp does not support space as separator defect closed normal
#142 IZ820: scheduler crashes in functional ticket calculation on AMD64 defect closed high
#149 IZ889: Reference to Figure 8-9 is incorrect defect closed lowest
#154 IZ924: include example of host_aliases in .../common Dave Love <…> task closed normal
#155 IZ933: not allowed -masterq switch for serial jobs accepted Dave Love <…> defect closed lowest
#158 IZ949: When qconf fails during installation, the diagnostic is incorrect defect closed normal
#160 IZ960: Buffer sent to getgrgid_r is too small defect closed normal
#162 IZ963: Can't run HPUX binaries defect closed highest
#166 IZ1010: Job array lack means to get email notification for the total array enhancement closed normal
#171 IZ1028: Allow SIGTRAP to enable debugging patch closed normal
#174 IZ1047: qacct should dump scale unit for data output Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#179 IZ1061: Trace file does not get new data after chown over NFS defect closed normal
#180 IZ1074: remove conditional compilation ENABLE_NGC defect closed normal
#185 IZ1102: user belonging to too many groups sets all queues into error state enhancement closed normal
#187 IZ1169: Bad inst_sge template path in N1GE 6 Install Guide defect closed highest
#203 IZ1296: Add user to log message when unable to run an interactive job enhancement closed normal
#207 IZ1321: change default value for pe attribs start/stop_proc_args enhancement closed high
#210 IZ1327: qstat defaults option file sge_qstat should be documented under FILES defect closed normal
#215 IZ1383: replace_params() function needs improvement Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#218 IZ1412: additional pseudo variable $sge_root for pe definition enhancement closed normal
#224 IZ1443: code cleanup in builtin_starter.c:start_command() Dave Love <…> patch closed normal
#227 IZ1476: Error from "" when set -u is set defect closed highest
#230 IZ1495: SGE daemons don't start at boot due to install problem on Java Desktop System defect closed highest
#236 IZ1531: filtering with qhost broken defect closed normal
#240 IZ1577: sge_conf man page error defect closed normal
#243 IZ1592: commlib: replace cl_bool_t by the sge bool type defect closed normal
#246 IZ1611: Error with CVS defect closed normal
#248 IZ1617: Bad check for jobs when removing execution hosts patch closed normal
#255 IZ1696: documentation/reality mismatch for halftime parameter Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#266 IZ1736: sge_ca -usercert never exits defect closed normal
#271 IZ1781: kerberos wont compile defect closed normal
#272 IZ1789: Ambiguity in "Administering Policies" doc defect closed normal
#276 IZ1803: Binary jobs are problematic for starter and epilog scripts defect closed normal
#283 IZ1841: qtcsh uses 2048 as max size for path to qrsh Dave Love <…> defect closed low
#289 IZ1859: Usage for qtcsh is incorrect Dave Love <…> defect closed lowest
#293 IZ1881: sgeCA should be outside of CELL directory Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#294 IZ1882: mutually subordinating queues suspend eachother simultaneously defect closed normal
#295 IZ1887: complex man page describes regex incorrectly defect closed low
#298 IZ1894: qstat incorrectly reports job scheduling failure defect closed low
#303 IZ1910: qstat -xml output containes empty <queue_name>-tags for pending jobs defect closed low
#314 IZ1949: 2 instances of non well-formed XML output from "qstat -xml" Dave Love <…> defect closed high
#321 IZ1962: Problems compiling maintrunk on Fedora development version patch closed normal
#323 IZ1965: qconf -Mckpt reports success on incorrect file defect closed low
#325 IZ1967: qconf -Me reports success on incorrect file defect closed low
#327 IZ1969: qconf -me reports success on incorrect file defect closed low
#330 IZ1976: qconf -cq returns incorrect status on wrong queue defect closed low
#335 IZ1987: typo in error msg defined in daemons/qmaster/msg_qmaster.h defect closed highest
#340 IZ2025: change behaviour of "admin_user" in bootstrap Dave Love <…> enhancement closed high
#344 IZ2035: ils unless JAVA_HOME is set defect closed high
#348 IZ2039: Checkpointing: RESTARTED=2 for application-level interface defect closed normal
#350 IZ2041: Checkpointing: Wrong comment in source/difference transparent <-> userdefined n ot clear Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#351 IZ2042: Checkpointing: Wrong comment in source Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#353 IZ2044: Checkpointing: More intuitive naming of checkpointing conditions enhancement closed normal
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