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#1346 "running job ... that was not supposed to be there" after node dies defect new normal
#1532 #1530 defect closed normal
#1533 #1530?owner=dlove&type=patch defect closed normal
#1531 #1530?type=patch?owner=dlove defect closed normal
#1321 $ARC set by start of execd instead of hardcoded into the binary feature new normal
#1341 -M and other options in .sge_request not over-ridden by qsub command line defect new normal
#1452 -clear doesn't affect -binding Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1358 -db still in install scripts defect closed normal 8.0.0c
#1313 .sge_quota not working defect closed normal
#1300 Add HTTP interface, probably via DRMAA dlove feature new normal
#1476 Add a per-host consumables and resource maps like in Univa Grid Engine feature closed normal
#1374 Add environment variable SGE_DRMAA_ALLOW_JOB_ERROR_STATE Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1495 Add queue template in qmon has invalid PE "make smp" Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1299 Additional architecture em64t enhancement new normal
#1460 Admin user missing defect new normal
#1552 Advance reservations not sorted at qmaster start Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect closed normal
#1541 Allow using libmotif instead of lesstif2 defect closed normal
#1622 Array jobs (tasks) being killed without log entries defect new normal
#1567 Automatic job suspension, tight integration and bad cleanup defect new normal
#1571 Automating execd installations enhancement new normal
#1312 Behavior of -e/-o inconsistent defect new normal
#1449 Behavior of checkpoint_method on job termination Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#1550 Better job scheduling within a sharetree node Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> enhancement closed normal
#1526 Bug writing pe_hostfile binding strategy ? defect closed normal
#1305 Build dependencies doc enhancement new normal
#1484 CSP initialisation broken Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1475 Client JSV slow down submit too much Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1319 Computing urgency for consumable=JOB defect new normal
#1479 Core binding problems for multiple tasks on same node wish defect reopened normal
#1355 Custom suspend/terminate methods should allow custom warnings for `qsub -notify` enhancement new normal
#1548 DRMAA Interface Truncating Environmental Variables after = defect new normal
#1431 DRMAA can "reconnect" with a bogus session key defect new normal
#1562 Dbwriter .SQLException: Subquery returns more than 1 row defect new high
#1489 Dependency on package libtiff2-dev defect closed normal
#1607 Do not ignore SIGCHLD defect new normal
#1535 Document email bug/patch submission better dlove defect new normal
#1365 ENOTEMPTY check wrong? defect closed normal
#1534 Email2trac allows accepting tickets on behalf of third party dlove defect new normal
#1415 Error building tcsh (Curses Error) defect new normal
#1317 Event for "unheard": send email defect new normal
#1326 Expand extra variables in external program templates defect closed normal
#1570 FIFO Model in SGE Narsimha task closed high
#1536 FTBFS MacOSX dlove patch closed normal
#1544 FTBFS Scientific Linux 5/RHEL5 defect closed normal
#1608 Fix and enhance kerberos username checking defect closed normal
#1516 Fixes for aimk issues on Mac OS X dlove patch closed normal
#1559 Flag to qstat to view only jobs of a project enhancement new normal
#1540 Fwd: SGE Trac defect closed normal
#1490 Gain privileges before execd kills rogue processes Mark Dixon <m.c.dixon@…> defect closed normal
#821 Get graphical installer building dlove task closed normal 8.0.0a
#1525 Grid engine Doesn't use /sge cpuset when original cpuset filesystem used wish defect accepted normal
#1448 Grid engine scripts are run with user defined shell Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1590 Hangs in execd status - with FIX Dave Love <…> defect closed normal
#1041 IZ100: there should be a means to reinitialize testsuite mail counter enhancement new normal
#166 IZ1010: Job array lack means to get email notification for the total array enhancement closed normal
#167 IZ1014: QSUB: qsub -sync y -S blah never returns enhancement new normal
#168 IZ1017: qstat shows jobs running on an execd that has disappeared. enhancement new high
#169 IZ1018: code does direct output to stderr defect new normal
#1042 IZ101: Integration of juti junit tests into testsuite task new normal
#170 IZ1024: validate functions for all object types and lists enhancement new high
#171 IZ1028: Allow SIGTRAP to enable debugging patch closed normal
#1043 IZ102: Need test for qsub -sync y with many jobs in the system enhancement new normal
#172 IZ1039: qmaster logs warrings even so log_level is set to log_err defect new low
#1044 IZ103: need a test for online usage defect new normal
#173 IZ1046: incorrect load values for virtual memory defect new low
#174 IZ1047: qacct should dump scale unit for data output Dave Love <…> enhancement closed normal
#175 IZ1049: Abolish queue instance version based mechanism for collision detection enhancement new normal
#1045 IZ104: enable testsuite to use local users on Windows hosts enhancement new normal
#176 IZ1051: User specified job prolog/epilog feature new lowest
#177 IZ1053: Users defined exit values for job requeue enhancement new lowest
#178 IZ1056: spooling framework needs callback to free clientdata defect new normal
#1046 IZ105: make commands dump core on memory errors defect new normal
#179 IZ1061: Trace file does not get new data after chown over NFS defect closed normal
#9 IZ106: Define Grid Engine host/queue/... name space in docs enhancement new normal
#1047 IZ106: make qsub deadline test work task new normal
#180 IZ1074: remove conditional compilation ENABLE_NGC defect closed normal
#1048 IZ107: raise an error, if a command outputs an error message, but returns 0 enhancement new normal
#181 IZ1085: Controlling ulimits via command line switch feature new low
#182 IZ1086: Would like SGE to report processor type and speed by default enhancement new normal
#183 IZ1089: specify number of slots during exec host install enhancement new normal
#1049 IZ108: cleanup consumable_resources test enhancement new normal
#1050 IZ109: job_environment fails on some architectures defect new normal
#951 IZ10: remove set_error defect new normal
#184 IZ1100: Run time parameter for turning off data collection enhancement new normal
#185 IZ1102: user belonging to too many groups sets all queues into error state enhancement closed normal
#1051 IZ110: problems with environment inheritation defect new normal
#186 IZ1116: qstat -g t enhancement to group output by job enhancement new normal
#1052 IZ111: path_alias test should support darwin automounter prefix defect new normal
#10 IZ111: qconf man page updated with new -clearusage option enhancement closed normal
#1053 IZ112: Arco dbwriter/job_log tests should also test tight integrated jobs enhancement new normal
#1054 IZ113: Need tests comparing qacct output with content of ARCo database enhancement new normal
#11 IZ114: Two new cluster configuration parameters (max_aj_instances, max_aj_tasks) enhancement closed normal
#1055 IZ114: enhance drmaa test enhancement new normal
#1056 IZ115: add test for SGE_BACKGND_MODE flag of N1 Grid Engine Helper Service enhancement new normal
#187 IZ1169: Bad inst_sge template path in N1GE 6 Install Guide defect closed highest
#1057 IZ116: qstat_option_pe test broken defect new normal
#188 IZ1171: DRMAA: Allows invalid parametric job ids defect new lowest
#1058 IZ117: Test qstat_option_s is broken defect new normal
#189 IZ1189: qconf -sds should check qi and host group consistency enhancement new low
#1059 IZ118: get_job_state() is hiding jobs defect new normal
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