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#1075 IZ134: Need RR/BF test with allocation rule '1' and RQS as bottleneck enhancement new normal
#1078 IZ137: Strange errors when the $USER env.variable is not set defect new normal
#1079 IZ138: The testsuite should check dir/file access rights for local spooled dir defect new normal
#1080 IZ139: Testsuite should support additional cell clusters using the same hosts enhancement new normal
#1082 IZ141: implement cvs update hooks for testsuite enhancement closed normal
#1084 IZ143: compile_source() ignores compile errors defect new normal
#1087 IZ146: Need test to meaure scheduler dispatch times for sequential soft/reservation scheduling task new normal
#1088 IZ147: config_generic should add ports into user configuration defect new normal
#1089 IZ148: qconf -mc accepts erroneous resource entries without an urgency; qmon gives (poor) error message defect new normal
#1090 IZ149: Need test for issue #2387 enhancement new normal
#1091 IZ150: job_start test is broken defect new normal
#1092 IZ151: Need test for INFINITY default_duration enhancement new normal
#1093 IZ152: testsuite shall cleanup test global variables after the check enhancement new normal
#1094 IZ153: Test job usage for parallel tasks in ARCo task new normal
#1098 IZ157: The config_generic should take an additional parameter, how many instances can be specified enhancement new normal
#1099 IZ158: Test display test doesn't use the user defined DISPLAY variable defect new normal
#1100 IZ159: additional cluster support problem with additional compile parameters defect new normal
#1101 IZ160: Check all configured hosts can login to qmaster without supplying credentials enhancement new normal
#1103 IZ162: need host configuration parameter for jvm startup parameters enhancement new normal
#1107 IZ166: need test for Grid Engine IZ 376 task new normal
#1108 IZ167: Need test for CR 6574269 task new normal
#1109 IZ168: Add a option to disable using testsuite_trash directory enhancement new normal
#1110 IZ169: add menu item for stop cluster, compile, distins binaries, start cluster defect new normal
#1111 IZ170: remove ts_def_con connection wrapping for CHECK_USER defect new normal
#1112 IZ171: Memory leak detection with parallel scheduling enhancement new normal
#1115 IZ174: testsuite problem upgrading conf from 1.13/1.14 to 1.16 defect new normal
#1117 IZ176: need cvs update hook for testsuite enhancement closed normal
#1118 IZ177: Testsuite should support jmx_ssl=false when installing sdm defect new normal
#1119 IZ178: need test for Issue 1257 / CR 6670917 enhancement new normal
#1120 IZ179: make sure changes to global testsuite config files do not overwrite more recent versions enhancement new normal
#1121 IZ180: Some test produce Sleeper.e* and Sleeper.o* output files in home directory task new normal
#1123 IZ182: Wrong number of incomplete tests shown in the testsuite menu defect new normal
#1129 IZ188: need test for CR 6636466 feature new normal
#1130 IZ189: password test doesn't test password if a Windows host is in the cluster defect new normal
#1131 IZ190: Testsuite can't delete SGE_ROOT directory defect new normal
#1132 IZ191: Need test suite module for IZ2564 task new normal
#1133 IZ192: CSP key cleanup function is missing defect new normal
#1134 IZ193: Need test for CR 6691982 (ARCo) feature new normal
#1137 IZ196: Need test that ensures -q does not break -masterq again enhancement new normal
#1138 IZ197: qrsh -cwd pwd test compares pathes with automount prefix defect new normal
#1139 IZ198: Create a test: qstat -j does not print array task information task new normal
#1140 IZ199: Need test for CR 6718447 - commlib errors of the connection between shepherd and qrsh client are not printed to stderr enhancement new normal
#1141 IZ200: Need test to cover bug 2628 enhancement new normal
#1142 IZ201: cannot modify cvs release tag in testsuite config defect closed normal
#1144 IZ203: Create the test for upgrade procedure task new normal
#1145 IZ204: ts_log_frame doesn't create line defect new normal
#1146 IZ205: upgrade test should test advanced cluster configuration task new normal
#1148 IZ207: accidental confusion of testsuite configuraiton files may produce problems defect new normal
#1149 IZ208: Test for Bug 2652: qsub -w v is always successful enhancement new normal
#1150 IZ209: Wrong test error behaviour for ts_log_severe and ts_log_warning task new normal
#1151 IZ210: add an explanation of [] and * to the exec host selection page enhancement new normal
#1152 IZ211: Testsuite configuration - can't change the source dir defect new normal
#1153 IZ212: jmx setup on SGE < 62 defect new normal
#1154 IZ213: Error checking after test execution is missing. enhancement new normal
#1155 IZ214: Create test for 2574 enhancement new normal
#1156 IZ215: Need test for 2625 defect new normal
#1157 IZ216: minResource test might choose wrong host for producing resource in error state defect new normal
#1158 IZ217: reset_produced_error_resource procedure cannot startup execd defect new normal
#1159 IZ218: invalid configuration should be tested task new normal
#1160 IZ219: external shutdown of a service must be tested task new normal
#1161 IZ220: Need tests for finding unused messages in properties files enhancement new normal
#1162 IZ221: Need SDM performance test defect new normal
#1163 IZ222: Test bootstrap configuration setup task new normal
#1164 IZ223: test for install_master and install_managed host uninstall task new normal
#1165 IZ224: support parallel sdmadm command on one host enhancement new normal
#1166 IZ225: smf support shuld be tested in testsuite task new normal
#1167 IZ226: TS resource/reset needs to be enhanced to test "-s" switch enhancement new normal
#1168 IZ227: Need test for renewing ca certificate task new normal
#1169 IZ228: Restart of components should be tested task new normal
#1170 IZ229: Reload configuration should be tested task new normal
#1171 IZ230: add/remove components/services must be tested task new normal
#1173 IZ232: Write a test for DRMAA argument filter task new normal
#1176 IZ235: Unsecured hedeby system installation fails defect new normal
#1179 IZ238: Need test suite module for CR 6708763 enhancement new normal
#1181 IZ240: Need test suite module for IZ2714/CR6708763 task new normal
#1182 IZ241: Create a test for issue 2717 - schedd_runlog is never deleted task new normal
#1183 IZ242: Need test for issue 6745913 feature new normal
#1184 IZ243: Create functional tests for qresub client enhancement new normal
#1185 IZ244: Multiple hedeby distributions versions handling in testsuite enhancement new normal
#1186 IZ245: Not enabled tests in the testsuite defect new normal
#1187 IZ246: Need initial_state of queue_configuration implementation test task new normal
#1188 IZ247: need extensive test for qalter -w [vp] enhancement new normal
#1190 IZ249: Need test for issue 2694 enhancement closed normal
#1191 IZ250: Need test for issue 2707 enhancement new normal
#1192 IZ251: Need test for issue 2710 enhancement new normal
#1193 IZ252: Need test for issue 2709 enhancement new normal
#1194 IZ253: Teststuite categories should be enhanced enhancement new normal
#1203 IZ262: Read passwords from a file enhancement new normal
#1204 IZ263: Add "leave test immediately" item to Ctrl-C menu enhancement new normal
#1208 IZ267: testsuite issues list test defect new normal
#1209 IZ268: user_permissions test checks qmaster_spooldir in a wrong way defect new normal
#1210 IZ269: when a Windows host is added to an already set up cluster, testsuite doesn't ask for the Windows users passwords defect new normal
#1211 IZ270: Need additional tests for general purpose SLOs task new normal
#1214 IZ273: jgdi shell test is broken defect new normal
#1216 IZ275: Need test suite module for CR6288964/IZ2881 task new normal
#1217 IZ276: building linux 24 binaries for distribution testing enhancement new normal
#1218 IZ277: Need test for CR6793687/IZ2886 task new normal
#1221 IZ280: Testsuite test for hedeby issue 613 task new normal
#1222 IZ281: test for issue 524 regularily fails defect new normal
#1223 IZ282: test for issue 2419 very often has timing problems defect new normal
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