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#921 IZ658: Enhance usability of mod_component CLI command enhancement new normal
#118 IZ659: sge_execd creates world-writeable files in active_jobs directory defect closed lowest
#1006 IZ65: the array job resource reservation test is broken defect new normal
#922 IZ661: Resources located in the GE adapter that become unavailable are not reported correctly and cause error at service restart defect new normal
#1007 IZ66: resource reservation test with calendars is missing task new normal
#923 IZ671: sdmadm update_keystore command does not change ownership defect new normal
#924 IZ678: Host resource can get stuck in ASSIGNING state defect new normal
#1008 IZ67: Testsuite needs to test multiple functions simultaneously task new normal
#925 IZ680: Introduce differentiator for autodiscovered/added and removed/destroyed resource events enhancement new high
#926 IZ681: RP junit tests need a cleanup task new high
#927 IZ683: expose loaded modules description per jvm enhancement new high
#1009 IZ68: resource reservation test enhancement enhancement new normal
#928 IZ691: -sort and -oc switches fail after ui commands were executed when unknown column was given as parameter defect new normal
#119 IZ691: missing documentation concerning HGRPs and CQs defect closed high
#929 IZ693: sdmadm mc prints invalid error message when parsing a numerical XML attribute defect new normal
#930 IZ697: sdmadm suc does not find newly added service defect new normal
#931 IZ698: Enhance resource filters enhancement new normal
#1010 IZ69: Test for NFS spooling bug IZ 1752 task new normal
#842 IZ6: Wrong display name is shown on Modify Connection dialog. defect new normal
#947 IZ6: improve tight integration test enhancement new normal
#932 IZ702: Wrong error message when wrong value for cs_url paramater is set defect new low
#120 IZ702: qmod -d/-e <CQ> output too verbose - might not scale enhancement new normal
#933 IZ703: root base directory in hedeby packages should be changed defect new normal
#934 IZ704: problems with cloud sim host when host resolves hostname to long one task new normal
#935 IZ708: sdmadm mvr -r res -s service to non-existing service does not return with error defect new normal
#936 IZ709: show_blacklist prints name of resource instead of ID defect new normal
#1011 IZ70: enhance CSP testing task new normal
#937 IZ711: Restart of service can cause that ERROR resource is released by service defect new normal
#938 IZ712: MaxPendingJobsSLO reduces the quantity of a need too early defect new normal
#939 IZ713: Resource is not moved despite there is a need for it defect new normal
#940 IZ714: Connection pool does not consider the max idle time for open connections defect new normal
#941 IZ715: JVM with cloud service hits file descriptor limit defect new high
#1012 IZ71: test if delivery of queue based signals to execd repeated endlessly task new normal
#121 IZ726: Mixed upper- and lowercase in shortcuts enhancement closed highest
#122 IZ728: Position and size of newly opened dialoges enhancement new normal
#1013 IZ72: test for Gridengine IZ 1773 is needed task new normal
#123 IZ730: File open dialog should remeber last directory enhancement new normal
#124 IZ731: handling hosts (groups) in queue configuration enhancement new normal
#125 IZ734: Crash in Cluster Queues/Customize/Misc Filters defect closed highest
#126 IZ736: Time dialog handles INFINITY not correctly defect closed normal
#127 IZ738: List of available hosts in "Add Queue" enhancement new normal
#128 IZ739: Edit Box should not only be Read-Only but also be grayed enhancement closed normal
#5 IZ73: Generalize shell start modes enhancement new normal
#1014 IZ73: testsuite doesn't build drmaa.jar defect new normal
#129 IZ741: Invalid values can be entered in most edit boxes enhancement new normal
#130 IZ742: All paths should be verified enhancement new normal
#131 IZ743: Better help system should be used enhancement new low
#132 IZ744: User can be in "Access" and "No Access" at the same time enhancement new low
#133 IZ746: A value can be entered without a key enhancement new normal
#134 IZ749: busy qmon with large array task numbers defect new low
#860 IZ74: intelligent crash recovery feature enhancement new normal
#1015 IZ74: parse updated messages files enhancement new normal
#135 IZ750: qconf -(A|D|M|R)attr gives wrong error message defect new lowest
#136 IZ756: qconf help text is wrong defect closed highest
#6 IZ75: Need additional means to request resources separately for master task and for slave tasks enhancement new normal
#1016 IZ75: tight_integration test using the mpi rsh wrapper enhancement new normal
#137 IZ760: configuration parameter "tmpdir" is missing. defect closed normal
#138 IZ764: distinst -basedir ... creates wrong basedir defect closed normal
#7 IZ76: Improve job logging and handling of log files enhancement new normal
#1017 IZ76: testsuite has to create host_alias file enhancement new normal
#139 IZ772: qstat/qselect shall consider load/utilization in -l selection enhancement new high
#1018 IZ77: store filesystem properties in testsuite configuration enhancement new normal
#140 IZ780: qconf -mhgrp does not support space as separator defect closed normal
#1019 IZ78: nfs v4 installation and usage should be tested task new normal
#1020 IZ79: autoinstall test has to verify prerequisits enhancement new normal
#843 IZ7: Inconsistent title for Edit Connection dialog. defect new low
#948 IZ7: performance test has to recognize unusual /tmp path defect new normal
#141 IZ800: qsub -t Error Message Inconsistent defect new lowest
#1021 IZ80: DRMAA C and Java language binding tests should be stand-alone enhancement new low
#1022 IZ81: qalter test needs to be extended enhancement new normal
#142 IZ820: scheduler crashes in functional ticket calculation on AMD64 defect closed high
#1023 IZ82: add test for Gridengine IZ 1866 (bdb server timeout) task new normal
#1024 IZ83: re-init/re-install is not supported for additional checktrees enhancement new normal
#143 IZ843: qstat -F reports rubbish, when a load value does not match its type defect new low
#1025 IZ84: create a test for Gridengine IZ 1876 task new normal
#144 IZ859: JAPI Needs Its Own Error Codes enhancement new low
#1026 IZ85: once Gridengine IZ 1906 is done: Change description for manual test task new normal
#145 IZ862: qstat -f shows undocumented columns defect new normal
#1027 IZ86: add_checkpointobj should have fast_add option enhancement new normal
#146 IZ870: drmaa.h doc needs clarified task new lowest
#147 IZ873: make use of drmaa_init() 'contact' for library bootstrapping enhancement new normal
#1028 IZ87: handle_vi_edit for qconf -mhgrp @allhosts reports wrong message on incorrect file defect new normal
#148 IZ887: qstat/qstat -xml customizable format enhancement new normal
#149 IZ889: Reference to Figure 8-9 is incorrect defect closed lowest
#1029 IZ88: need a test for commlib closes wrong connection after SSL error task new normal
#1030 IZ89: need test for CR6398008 task new normal
#949 IZ8: rename host property "java" to "java14" enhancement new normal
#150 IZ902: qsub should warn if -R y will be ignored defect new normal
#1031 IZ90: ticket calculation test (Gridengine IZ 1956, 1550, 2003) enhancement new normal
#151 IZ913: qconf -[m|a]attr should work with wildcards enhancement new normal
#1032 IZ91: need a test for CR 6400729 task new normal
#152 IZ920: Need a means to facilitate workflows in a scalable and better to handle fashion feature new normal
#153 IZ921: Jobs blocked by -a <time> shall also be considered by resource reservation enhancement new normal
#154 IZ924: include example of host_aliases in .../common Dave Love <…> task closed normal
#861 IZ92: enhance shutdown functionality enhancement new normal
#1033 IZ92: need a test for qrsh -o/-e/-j task new normal
#155 IZ933: not allowed -masterq switch for serial jobs accepted Dave Love <…> defect closed lowest
#1034 IZ93: need test for Gridengine IZ 1985 task new normal
#156 IZ943: DRMAA optional job template attributes should be supported enhancement new low
#157 IZ948: install_execd to generate template based on run enhancement new low
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